Two Possible Revenue Enhancements For P.G.

Op Ed article by David R. Henderson.

Do you really think that P.G.’s library, street repair, tree trimming, and landscaping are run as efficiently as they could be? What are the odds of that given that they have not had to face competition for decades? According to the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank in southern California, contracting tree trimming and landscaping creates savings of 16 to 35 percent. So, let’s put it to a test, a market test, in Pacific Grove and see what kind of savings the city government can reap. And if it works for those services, let’s extend it to other government services.

“not had to face competition” is right – but also have not had to face discipline for poor work habits.

There’s another option to consider: expand the tax base. I’m not advocating a tax increase. Rather, the city government should liberalize its rules to allow peaceful activities that are not now allowed. The city does not allow bars, even though bars generate substantial tax revenues. How about allowing one or two and see what happens?

And how about allowing fast-food restaurants so we don’t have to go elsewhere? The only fast-food restaurants the city government has allowed in Pacific Grove are McDonald’s and Subway. Those who don’t like such food don’t have to buy it.

Now that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Common sense hospitality that can bring back the families that don’t have the need for snooty bistros or $30 bottles of wine.

Two Possible Revenue Enhancements For P.G.