Letters From The Editor

The battle is brewing between the come-heres and the been-heres. Do we sell out to tourist machines or hang on to the shreds of small town livability?

P.G. should not be L.A., Michael Zambory

in desperation an attempt is made to sell the city to an entrepreneur in exchange for the use of the golf course and various city facilities on a seasonal basis over an extended period of time. Never mind the effect on the city and its residents, just think of all that money. . . What price should we place on the peace of mind of the residents affected by visitors filling our neighborhoods?

Don’t trash our course, Roger Pasquier

The reason the Concorso Italiano didn’t make it in Pacific Grove had nothing to do with local residents. It was the Coastal Commission.

The chamber (of Commerce) seems to think the only way to get people into P.G. is to hold big events. Downtown business has been eviscerated by this mentality.

Letters From The Editor