Seals Taking Over The P.G. Shorelines

The city’s Beautification and Natural Resources Committee submitted a report to the Pacific Grove City Council on Wednesday noting that Pacific harbor seals are crowding the west beach of Hopkins Marine Station and, in 2006, some mother seals used the beach west of Fifth Street to bear pups.

All recommended that the city establish a plan to keep the seals off the beach. Once ashore and pupping, the experts said, the seals own it.

The policy, they said, should discourage “haul-outs” by seals by chasing them back to sea if they come out of the water, by banging on pots and pans, using other noisemakers, scarecrows and human presence.

Be careful when you ask for radical conservation and nature preservation, you just might find yourself banned from your own public beaches.

Here’s a suggestion:
Seals And Bag Pipes

Seals Taking Over The P.G. Shorelines