Pacific Grove Taking Away Property Rights?

Resident being forced to comply with someone else’s idea of appearance or risk having his home taken away.

On Sept. 12, Pacific Grove’s code compliance division heard from four residents who live near Jack Van Bebber, a resident on Grand Avenue they say has been a problem for years. They asked a hearing officer for the city to take action against Van Bebber, including placing a lien on his house.

Grand Avenue? Same street where “ground zero” for the Sustainable Pacific Grove’s shining example of green living, the old drive through bank building on Grand and Pine.

Green Spot Dump

One person’s trash is another mayor’s “sustainable society”, I guess.

Pacific Grove Taking Away Property Rights?

Tidepool Police Shocked! Shocked! That Signs Are Posted To Warn About Seal Birth Area

Every spring the seals arrive at Hopkins to have babies and signs get posted informing people to stay away. Looks like Jim Willoughby has awoke from his winter hibernation and is suddenly outraged that someone would post the signs on the railing along the rec trail.

Seal Posse Red Sign Seal Posse Orange Sign

Anyone walking along the trail early this month could not have missed the proliferation of 11 obtrusive and intimidating signs adjacent to the Hopkins Marine Station fence. Some were unusually large red inflammatory signs with a foreboding warning against entry to the coastline beyond that point.

Let’s go back to 2012 when the city erected a green lath fence in this same area, blocking the viewshed and access to the beach. For some unknown reason, the city added a white plastic fence next to the green lath fence, creating an eyesore. Since then, the green lath fence has been removed and replaced with a permanent wooden rail fence, which is now posted with warning signs.

Well, what can we expect? The rec trail is a place where many more signs can be found, some that are downright ugly or tacky. Where is the outrage Willoughby?

Signs to sucker the tourists
Sign Historic Farmers Market

Signs for vandals to decorate
Graffiti Stickers

More signs to to sucker tourists
Sign GOD

Graffiti unchecked
Graffiti Rec Trail Graffiti Trash Can

Go back to bed Jim and call when you can do something that really matters.

Tidepool Police Shocked! Shocked! That Signs Are Posted To Warn About Seal Birth Area

Tide Pool Police Hire Losin’ Susan, Lose Case

Well that was a predictable result.

Goldbeck $1 grand

The court rejected the Willoughbys’ claim that the use permit was not in compliance with the city’s general plan and zoning code, and rejected their challenge to the city’s environmental studies related to the use permit amendment.

The plaintiffs were represented by attorney Susan Goldbeck.

Tide Pool Police Hire Losin’ Susan, Lose Case

Tidepool Police Will Chase Tourists Away

Some visitors came, enjoyed the beach and attracted the hate from Lee Willoughby. Yep, it is that minority of people going by the name of the Tidepool Coalition that want to fence off the shore and keep us from ever setting foot on a rock again.

I say enjoy it while you can. Global warming is going to put it under water in a few years anyway, right?
Lee Willoughby

. . . have no problem with this sport. But holding this competition in a sensitive area of special biological and archaeological significance adjacent to an irreplaceable rocky intertidal ecosystem is simply incompatible. Furthermore, Pacific Grove already has ordinances protecting its shoreline including the substrate, i.e., rocks.

Pacific Grove’s council must take leadership with the Coastal Commission to preserve these preeminent coastal treasures for future generations. If they won’t do it, then the people will!

Tidepool Police Will Chase Tourists Away

Raise Golf Fees To Pay For Lighthouse Upkeep?

Councilman Dan Davis said that because the city took responsibility for maintaining the lighthouse as part of an agreement to acquire the back nine holes of the municipal golf course, revenue from golf fees should help.

On June 18, the council will discuss a $2 surcharge for 18 holes and $1 for nine-hole rounds at the city golf course played on annual card privileges.

Old Grumpy Golfers

Sounds like a fair deal. Unless you are a cranky golfer.

Perhaps the city manager would like to start yet another new trend for designer golf courses by charging a fee for use of the putting green. It wouldn’t surprise me if the city would require your score card to be turned in at the end of each round for an additional overcharge of a nickel per swing. How about improving concentration by installing parking meters in the parking lot?

Jim Willoughby

Raise Golf Fees To Pay For Lighthouse Upkeep?

Jim Willoughby Offers Sage Advice

Professor Farnsworth

Following the defeat of these three tax measures, a citizens’ petition supporting other potential revenue sources was submitted to the council Nov. 7.

For example, a 5 percent admissions tax on events including entrance tickets sold at the aquarium would bring in considerable revenue.

Why hasn’t the city renegotiated the $1-a-year aquarium lease? Considering a third of the aquarium is in P.G., a reasonable increase is fair. Will there be litigation about this? Possibly, but when the city’s future is at stake, let’s get on with it.

It seems reasonable to raise the hotel tax by 1 percent. Do you believe there would be an empty hotel room during the International Italiano Concorso? Although the council rejected the concorso, it will likely be resurrected for consideration later.

Other suggestions included installing parking meters from the aquarium to Lovers Point, with residents purchasing a $5 exemption sticker. An entrance fee to our Museum of Natural History could avoid its premature closing.

As far the library, I would gladly pay a $5 or $10 annual fee for a library card, which would possibly save trips to the Monterey library.

Finally, why should residents face draconian threats of service cuts when they had no responsibility in creating this financial mess? Clearly, there are other legitimate and creative ways to enhance city revenues.

Jim Willoughby Offers Sage Advice

Tide Pool Nazis Attack Needed Taxes

“The city needs to look at another source of revenue,” said Jim Willoughby, who, along with his wife, Lee, has led the anti-tax charge. For the past several weeks, the couple has stood in front of the Pacific Grove post office collecting signatures in opposition of the tax measures.

It that the Willoughby’s old Mercedes parked in the handicapped parking all day? I know they have a right, but gee, they are making it hard for other disabled people to go about their business. But I guess the Willoughbys are nothing but grade A MFFYs.

Tide Pool Nazis Attack Needed Taxes

Sell Out The Mvsevm? Is Willoughby Nuts?

Excerpts of a commentary by Gene Barnes

So what Mr. Willoughby has in mind is not really a museum, but only a commercial gallery or an art co-op, which would probably go out of business in a few years, leaving the city with no museum and a large empty building.

Mr. Willoughby does not seem to appreciate the fact that our Natural History Museum is more than just a historic building. It is a local institution that continues to serve our community well after 123 years.


Sell Out The Mvsevm? Is Willoughby Nuts?

Tidepool Police Blather

I’m going to miss Mayor Costello’s words at the 3 minute mark . .

Jim Willoughby steps up to blather his own agenda against letting people walk on the beaches

When he’s cut off by Costello, Lee Willoughby cheats the 3 minute limit and picks up where Jim off with nary a miss in the scripted blather
Lee Willoughby

When Lee is ousted, David Dilworth wastes precious time chastising the Mayor for ejecting the tidepool police

Causing Dilworth to lose precious time and get cut off before he can finish his personal issues at the podium.

Tidepool Police Blather