Pacific Grove Taking Away Property Rights?

Resident being forced to comply with someone else’s idea of appearance or risk having his home taken away.

On Sept. 12, Pacific Grove’s code compliance division heard from four residents who live near Jack Van Bebber, a resident on Grand Avenue they say has been a problem for years. They asked a hearing officer for the city to take action against Van Bebber, including placing a lien on his house.

Grand Avenue? Same street where “ground zero” for the Sustainable Pacific Grove’s shining example of green living, the old drive through bank building on Grand and Pine.

Green Spot Dump

One person’s trash is another mayor’s “sustainable society”, I guess.

Pacific Grove Taking Away Property Rights?

Green Spot: Sustainability Enlightenment Or Trash Dump?

Our own little slice of dirty hippy culture. Hate to say we told you so, but it’s starting to look like a meth-lab/rats nest. Time to call the landlord – Greg Beardsley.

Trash piled up.
Green Spot Trash

Exposed 110 volt wires & dead landscaping. Old plants tossed on the ground is not “composting”.
Green Spot Dump 2

Looking for a toilet tank lid? Or some old flower pots?
Green Spot Toilet Lid

More refuse piled up against building. Lead acid batteries at the bottom of the pile.
Green Spot Hazard

Tiki Torches. With the global warmth petro-chemical fluid leaking out onto the ground.
Green Spot Dump 5

Rusty unmarked containers.
Green Spot Dump 6

Green Spot: Sustainability Enlightenment Or Trash Dump?

P.G. To Report It’s Greenhouse Gases

Twenty-one cities were announced yesterday, with at least nine others expected to take part in the pilot project. Each city will assemble comparable carbon emission data within their jurisdiction’s operations–for instance, fire department, ambulance and police services, municipal buildings, waste transport and other services the cities provide or activities over which they exercise budgetary control.

Like the businesses who have joined the CDP program, the cities involved will be able to learn from peers about dealing with the risks and opportunities climate change presents.

The other cities participating include: Albany, NY; Albuquerque, NM; Anchorage, AK; Arlington, VA; Burlington, VT; Dubuque, IA; Edina, MN; Fairfield, IA; Haverford, PA; Las Vegas, NV; New Orleans, LA; North Little Rock, AR; Pacific Grove, CA; Park City, UT; Rohnert Park, CA; Saint Paul, MN; Washougal, WA; and West Palm Beach, FL.

How much greenhouse gas is emitted by Sustainable P.G.’s The Brown Green Spot barbecue pits and tiki torches? Them’s hydrocarbons brah!

Green Spot Burn

P.G. To Report It’s Greenhouse Gases

Why Do They Call It The Green Spot?

Looks real brown to me.

Green Spot Dump 2

Substainable P.G. cannot get enough gray water to sustain a few weeds. It’s been there a month, and there never seems to be anyone there. There really is not much interest in this sustainable stuff beyond the small cult of Agenda 21 followers.

For the past several months, three groups have been working to render the neglected little spot green. The one-room building’s 650 square feet are rather drab at first glance, but it’s a work in progress. Applied Solar employees have hung photos of local photovoltaic installations along one wall. Sustainable PG’s Joy Colangelo painted waves, stars and a jellyfish over the bullet holes in the window.

Ultimately, the G-Spot’s enthusiasts envision the space as a magnet for eco-oriented meetings, potlucks and live music – a place for the community to experiment in shades of green.

Why Do They Call It The Green Spot?

Downtown Farm Reborn?

This is the Green Spot, a collaboration between Applied Solar and two local environmental groups. Only a few months old, the quirky little property is evolving into a vortex for all things local and green.

Three groups will unveil the Green Spot at the Good Old Days celebration. Fifteen booths, displays and demos will show locals how to shrink their eco-footprints by planting trees, building compost bins, installing solar-energy systems, setting up cisterns, cleaning green, curbing trash and auditing home energy use.

Can I get a tax cut for this? How much more would Jose the gardener charge to compost my lawn trimmings? Is cabbage resistant to deer and raccoon poo? Do you really think the weekender homeowners are really going to buy this? Judging by the mountains of trash the businesses create, it shows that they wont. Who’s left to join the compost club, the dozen or so frequent attendees to the city council meetings?Brevity Comic Hippie 080609

Downtown Farm Reborn?