Raise Golf Fees To Pay For Lighthouse Upkeep?

Councilman Dan Davis said that because the city took responsibility for maintaining the lighthouse as part of an agreement to acquire the back nine holes of the municipal golf course, revenue from golf fees should help.

On June 18, the council will discuss a $2 surcharge for 18 holes and $1 for nine-hole rounds at the city golf course played on annual card privileges.

Old Grumpy Golfers

Sounds like a fair deal. Unless you are a cranky golfer.

Perhaps the city manager would like to start yet another new trend for designer golf courses by charging a fee for use of the putting green. It wouldn’t surprise me if the city would require your score card to be turned in at the end of each round for an additional overcharge of a nickel per swing. How about improving concentration by installing parking meters in the parking lot?

Jim Willoughby

Raise Golf Fees To Pay For Lighthouse Upkeep?