Scam Warning!

Only Sam the Sham Farr can call up people and tell them to send money..

Farr Piggy

Two women were almost victims of a phone scam on Thursday, according to the Pacific Grove Police Department.

Both women received calls from a man who identified himself as a law enforcement official and said they had warrants for their arrests for not appearing on a jury summons. He had their names, addresses and phone numbers.

The public is reminded to never provide personal information over the phone or Internet to an unverified person. If you receive notification of a matter involving the transfer or payment of funds, always verify the validity of the message by using contact information you know to be accurate, not phone numbers or email addresses provided by the party.

If in doubt, the public is asked to contact law enforcement before taking any action.

Scam Warning!

Tillie Gorts Owner Falls For The Old PG&E Scam

Doesn’t running an eating establishment (or any business) require intelligence? This scam has been all over the news and was reported in February

And he wants PG&E to take the blame! I totally freak out!

(Ranieri) Guimaraes said someone called saying they were with Pacific, Gas and Electric and told him his bill was overdue. If he didn’t pay up in 30 minutes, it was lights out.

In a panic, he paid $1,000 with a cash card. One very expensive mistake.

“I’d like to see PG&E take full responsibility for this,” he said.

PG&E said this type of scam happens all the time, usually with restaurant owners in their peak business hours using a cash card.

Tillie Gorts Owner Falls For The Old PG&E Scam

P.G. Resident Scammed Out Of $1,000.00

A Pacific Grove resident lost $1,000 in what the city’s Police Department is calling the “IRS Investigations Scam.”

Scammers identifying themselves as Internal Revenue Service investigators call their victims with the threat of a looming arrest warrant because of a tax deficiency.

How can Pacific Grove residents be so gullible?

Election Results for Pacific Grove, 2012 (

2012 Elections


P.G. Resident Scammed Out Of $1,000.00

Don’t Buy Things From Door To Door Salespeople

One of the many pleasures of P.G. life is a low number of solicitors trying to sell you stuff. No matter how good it seems, no matter how kindhearted the solicitor acts, they are not to be trusted.

Two door-to-door salesmen took a Pacific Grove resident for $212 in a con to sell magazine subscriptions raising money for soldiers in Afghanistan and for a softball team, police said.

On July 8, two men between the ages of 18 and 20 solicited $34 for a magazine subscription from an apartment complex resident on Pacific Grove Lane, according to a release from the Pacific Grove Police Department. The victim told officers the proceeds were to be split between the “Wounded Warrior Project” and the “Washington Park Softball Team.”

Both men appeared legitimate and provided all necessary documentation including official-looking permits and magazine catalogs, the victim stated.

After writing a personal check, the victim said he later checked his bank account and found the check had been washed of the $34 and changed to $212. The back of the check was stamped with the name “Sharon D. Crabtree dba Monument Subscription Agency.”

Don’t Buy Things From Door To Door Salespeople

Pacific Grove Targeted By More Con Artists

Common sense sinks to new lows – if it’s not the “help dad, I am in a Turkish jail” scam now we have people calling with threats of arrest if you don’t wire them money . .

Police say they’ve received reports of men or women with East Indian or similar accents who have called potential victims identifying themselves as officials with the Attorney General, California Highway Patrol or other law enforcement entities.

The scammers say that the victim is a suspect in fraud, tax evasion, or other criminal activity, and demand money be sent or criminal charges will be filed against them.

Over in Monterey, the police blotter reports that someone did in fact sent $25,000. Wonder what made her feel that she was being arrested for.

3/8/13 Victim on Via Ladera, was contacted by a woman via phone, identifying herself as a DEA agent. The woman told the victim there were agents waiting down the street to execute a search and arrest warrant unless she wired money to the Dominican Republic. Loss is $2,500 cash.

Pacific Grove Targeted By More Con Artists

Real Estate Partners Arrested In P.G.

Where do fraud-accused Modesto realtors hide when they are on the lam? Pacific Grove, The Most Romantic City of course. Looking for more seniors to help, I suppose.

Neighbors of well-known realtor James Lankford and his partner say the two abruptly moved to Monterey Peninsula, but no one suspected the pair was accused of a multi-million-dollar scheme.

James Lankford, 71, owned and worked at Century 21 Apollo Realty in Modesto, but now he and his partner, Jon McDade, 46, will face about 100 felony fraud count

Apollo Century 21

Pacific Grove Real Estate Partners Arrested

Oh No, The Furniture Store Is Closing!

842 Lighthouse Avenue out of business fourth time in a year.

842 Lighthouse Ave Oob 100501

Anyone wanna bet that it’s a scam?

First lie is when the countdown ended on Saturday and they changed the “Final X Days” to “Final Weekend”

Don’t worry if you need a $900 chair for $500, they usually reopen soon under a new name, if not for an “Emergency Re-opening then closing” Sale

Oh No, The Furniture Store Is Closing!

EMERGENCY! Out Of Business Re-Opening Sale

Does the furniture business get any weirder?

842 Lighthouse Black Sea

This store often had pieces out on the sidewalk – free retail space at the cost of blocking pedestrian traffic. The list prices were insane – $400 for a painted wooden bench.

A typical retail furniture store must maintain warehouse inventory and a showroom, commission sales people etc. and incur a fairly high overhead. For this reason it is normal for a furniture retailer to maintain a high markup. A typical piece of furniture that has a “suggested retail” of $500 will usually cost the retailer $175 or so and actually sell for about $350. Ever notice how furniture is always on sale? That’s how it works. It is safe to say that notwithstanding sales and discounts, retail furniture prices are usually about double the wholesale cost.

And that other perpetual in/out of business furniture store down the block is open again.

EMERGENCY! Out Of Business Re-Opening Sale

More Phone Scams Hit P.G.

Last Month P.G. residents were getting calls saying they had won a sweepstakes and to send “processing fees”. This month they are getting calls again, now from a phony government agent that is again asking for processing fees. Why is it that P.G. is always the target? Do the thieves go out and look for areas of rich white Democrats?

Pacific Grove Police are warning resident to beware of a telephone scam that has already hit some residents of the Central Coast. Pacific Grove Police commander, Tom Uretsky, says the call starts with a caller clamming to be an agent with the U.S. Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security. The “Agent” then tells the victim that they have received cash funds from the arrest of seven people who were attempting to defraud others.

The “Agent” then explains that they would like to send out a certified cashiers check to the victim that was recovered in his/her name for 8.5 million dollars. The scammer then informs the victim that he/she needs to pay a recovery fee of $1,450.00 made payable to the Merchant Bank of Jamaica. The scammer tells the victim that they need to wire or send a money gram to an address overseas to Jamaica.

More Phone Scams Hit P.G.

P.G. Seniors Continue To Be Easy Marks

Might also explain why they vote Democrat . .

One 62-year-old Pacific Grove man, convinced he was paying fees to claim large sums of prize money from sweepstakes, forked over money for about a year, totaling more than $10,000, Uretsky said.

But the sweepstakes notices the man received in the mail, as many as 10 a day, were a sham. There never was a prize. “We’re flabbergasted when we see people fall for these things,” he said. “If it’s too good to be true, it is.”

In the past year, (Pacific Grove police commander Tom)Uretsky said, he’s seen three such cases, where people were conned.

P.G. Seniors Continue To Be Easy Marks