PG$E Changing Streetlights To Bright LEDs

Remember these tall majestic street lights?

LHA Sprouse

Constant state of change. Last switch was from the sodium vapor to magnet induction where we traded orange tint for more radio frequency emitting into the air.

Who pays for the fragile year round tree lights? Mayor says “we” replaced the blue tinged ones as soon as people complained.

The LED lights I see are narrow-beamed. Is the spacing of the lights being taken into consideration?

See the examples at:

  • 515 Junipero Ave
  • 77 Asilomar Bl
  • Forest Grove school

While Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe acknowledged the lights’ greater efficiency, he also noted that complaints about LEDs usually center around the uncomfortable colors some of them have.

“There are LEDs of all colored variance,” said Kampe. “So it doesn’t mean that if you’ve seen one you didn’t like, you won’t like others. There are different color temperatures.”

Kampe cited the LED lights draped over and lining the trees in the center of Lighthouse Avenue in downtown Pacific Grove as an example. When they were initially installed, residents complained they were too blue.

We took them down and put up a different LED light — a softer light that was more suitable,” he said.

For his part, Kampe’s biggest complaint was that PG&E hadn’t done its research in terms of what lights are suitable for different places in the city.

“They’re bringing a one-size-fits-all program and haven’t done research as to what lights might be better,” said Kampe, noting that in residential areas, softer lights are generally used while busier, more commercial areas generally require brighter lights.

PG$E Changing Streetlights To Bright LEDs

Gas Leak In New Monterey

Pacific Gas Electric Gas Leak

Mayra Tostado said PG&E was notified of a gas leak at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at 406 Lighthouse Ave., adding no injuries were reported.

PG&E crews capped the leak at 3 a.m. The repairs led to a closure of Lighthouse Avenue between Drake and McClellan avenues Thursday. The street reopened late Thursday morning. An employee at nearby Current Comics said business was unaffected.

Gas Leak In New Monterey

Tillie Gorts Owner Falls For The Old PG&E Scam

Doesn’t running an eating establishment (or any business) require intelligence? This scam has been all over the news and was reported in February

And he wants PG&E to take the blame! I totally freak out!

(Ranieri) Guimaraes said someone called saying they were with Pacific, Gas and Electric and told him his bill was overdue. If he didn’t pay up in 30 minutes, it was lights out.

In a panic, he paid $1,000 with a cash card. One very expensive mistake.

“I’d like to see PG&E take full responsibility for this,” he said.

PG&E said this type of scam happens all the time, usually with restaurant owners in their peak business hours using a cash card.

Tillie Gorts Owner Falls For The Old PG&E Scam

Smart Meters, Like ‘Em Or Not It’s Gonna Happen

Wonder if they work during the frequent power outages?

The Mayor and Dan Miller wanted an ordinance drawn up, but the rest of the council disagreed. Remember who is on PG&E’s side . . .

City Hall was filled with people who came, many from out of town, to speak against the meters on grounds that they emit harmful radiation and violate privacy by collecting data that won’t be secure and can be used to monitor people’s daily lives.

Software engineer Tim Wilson of Monterey said the meters “seem to have privacy and control issues” along with wireless radiation issues, which critics contend can cause genetic damage or increase cancer rates.

“It’s a big money maker for them,” said Bob Franco of Pacific Grove. “PG&E can find out everything we do electronically” and garner information about individuals’ buying habits, the kind of appliances they own, and when they come and go, he said.

Smart Meters, Like ‘Em Or Not It’s Gonna Happen

Power Outage – Pelican Takes The Blame

Reddy Killabird

A pelican flew into high tension power lines near Cannery Row in Monterey about 10:30 a.m. today, causing a brief power outage and electrical surge.

Pacific Gas & Electric spokeswoman Jennifer Zerwer said the bird knocked out power to 44 customers in the New Monterey and Cannery Row area. Service was restored to all affected customers by 11:40 a.m. after a fuse was replaced, Zerwer said.

Power Outage – Pelican Takes The Blame

Power Grid Shuts Down for a RACCOON?

Raccoon Pwns PGe

When PG&E workers realized the animal was sitting on the line, they shut off the power, said company spokesman Jeff Smith.

Here, however, the company — and thousands of customers who needed electricity — were unlucky: The raccoon was licking its paws on the piece of equipment that shuts down electric flow.

“That meant we had to go to a bigger one down the line,” Smith said.

Instead of 200 or 300 customers, about 6,600 houses and shops in Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove and Monterey’s Cannery Row were in the dark, he said.


Power Grid Shuts Down for a RACCOON?

When The Weather Is Fine PG&E Goes Offline

For the second time in a weekend, parts of Monterey and Pacific Grove were plunged into darkness Sunday night.

“It just happened to have affected a lot of the same people,” a PG&E spokeswoman said.

The latest outage was caused by fallen wires at David Avenue and Fillmore Street at the Monterey-Pacific Grove border, and was apparently unrelated to a power loss Saturday.

At 7:30 p.m. Sunday, more than 4,000 Monterey residents and most businesses on Cannery Row were again left without power after a similar outage the night before.

When Saturday’s outage first occurred, there was some speculation that a car that had struck a power pole on Asilomar Avenue might have been the cause, the PG&E spokeswoman said, but that scenario was quickly ruled out.

Repair crews determined, she said, that a below-ground equipment failure caused a transformer to explode near Fremont Street and Ramona Avenue in Monterey.

When The Weather Is Fine PG&E Goes Offline

PG&E Suffers Outages For Two Days

A power outage Thursday knocked out electrical service to several hundred customers in the Monterey area, the second such incident in two days.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. spokesman Jeff Smith said PG&E had received several calls from customers about an outage Wednesday that left thousands of customers, including stores in Del Monte Center, without power for up to four hours.

“When a power outage affects that many customers, it’s not unusual to receive complaints,” he said.

Weather was calm those days. Just wait until the rainy weather starts, and dead pine trees that won’t get cut down start to fall.

PG&E Suffers Outages For Two Days