Oh No, The Furniture Store Is Closing!

842 Lighthouse Avenue out of business fourth time in a year.

842 Lighthouse Ave Oob 100501

Anyone wanna bet that it’s a scam?

First lie is when the countdown ended on Saturday and they changed the “Final X Days” to “Final Weekend”

Don’t worry if you need a $900 chair for $500, they usually reopen soon under a new name, if not for an “Emergency Re-opening then closing” Sale

Oh No, The Furniture Store Is Closing!

3 thoughts on “Oh No, The Furniture Store Is Closing!

  1. Afternoon Editor,

    Thank you for making it, that we can read comments without having to click on them.

    It’s appreciated.

  2. You started with first lie you are wrong sir/madam. We didnt like you thinking.I close exactly on time and I dont have any problem anybody. But I like understand why are you thinking like that? I guess you have problem maybe other companies but we are different we are so honest to customers.Our service better than other companies.Thank for your advise and I am waiting for apology Sincerely

  3. I think like that because it’s funny that the store keeps opening then having “going out of business” sales.

    I don’t like stores that prey on the customer with such nonsense.

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