Pacific Grove Targeted By More Con Artists

Common sense sinks to new lows – if it’s not the “help dad, I am in a Turkish jail” scam now we have people calling with threats of arrest if you don’t wire them money . .

Police say they’ve received reports of men or women with East Indian or similar accents who have called potential victims identifying themselves as officials with the Attorney General, California Highway Patrol or other law enforcement entities.

The scammers say that the victim is a suspect in fraud, tax evasion, or other criminal activity, and demand money be sent or criminal charges will be filed against them.

Over in Monterey, the police blotter reports that someone did in fact sent $25,000. Wonder what made her feel that she was being arrested for.

3/8/13 Victim on Via Ladera, was contacted by a woman via phone, identifying herself as a DEA agent. The woman told the victim there were agents waiting down the street to execute a search and arrest warrant unless she wired money to the Dominican Republic. Loss is $2,500 cash.

Pacific Grove Targeted By More Con Artists