Don’t Buy Things From Door To Door Salespeople

One of the many pleasures of P.G. life is a low number of solicitors trying to sell you stuff. No matter how good it seems, no matter how kindhearted the solicitor acts, they are not to be trusted.

Two door-to-door salesmen took a Pacific Grove resident for $212 in a con to sell magazine subscriptions raising money for soldiers in Afghanistan and for a softball team, police said.

On July 8, two men between the ages of 18 and 20 solicited $34 for a magazine subscription from an apartment complex resident on Pacific Grove Lane, according to a release from the Pacific Grove Police Department. The victim told officers the proceeds were to be split between the “Wounded Warrior Project” and the “Washington Park Softball Team.”

Both men appeared legitimate and provided all necessary documentation including official-looking permits and magazine catalogs, the victim stated.

After writing a personal check, the victim said he later checked his bank account and found the check had been washed of the $34 and changed to $212. The back of the check was stamped with the name “Sharon D. Crabtree dba Monument Subscription Agency.”

Don’t Buy Things From Door To Door Salespeople