EMERGENCY! Out Of Business Re-Opening Sale

Does the furniture business get any weirder?

842 Lighthouse Black Sea

This store often had pieces out on the sidewalk – free retail space at the cost of blocking pedestrian traffic. The list prices were insane – $400 for a painted wooden bench.

A typical retail furniture store must maintain warehouse inventory and a showroom, commission sales people etc. and incur a fairly high overhead. For this reason it is normal for a furniture retailer to maintain a high markup. A typical piece of furniture that has a “suggested retail” of $500 will usually cost the retailer $175 or so and actually sell for about $350. Ever notice how furniture is always on sale? That’s how it works. It is safe to say that notwithstanding sales and discounts, retail furniture prices are usually about double the wholesale cost.

And that other perpetual in/out of business furniture store down the block is open again.

EMERGENCY! Out Of Business Re-Opening Sale