Verizon Wants To Plop A Big Yellow Cell Tower In Front Of PGHS

Why there and not in Country Club Gate? The tower and it’s service pedestal box will only be targets for graffiti, adding to the already ugliness. AT$T put them in the cemetery.

Pghs Cell Tower

“We have built our reputation on network reliability, for Pacific Grove this is really about staying ahead of the curve for meeting demand on data growth,” said Heidi Flato, a spokeswoman for Verizon. “Looking at the data and how much traffic is coming out of the high school and surrounding neighborhood, there is a need to add capacity to our network to that location.”

But those who oppose the new wireless facility said it’s not needed and there’s not enough known about the health effects of this newer cell technology.

“We have a Wi-Fi system that totally handles all their needs to go online,” said Pacific Grove High School Principal Matt Bell, who also noted that currently, the reception is excellent and students overall are really only using their cellphones on breaks and at lunch time. “We also really have a duty to make school as safe as we can possibly make it and currently there are conflicting report of the safety of cell tower emissions.”

Verizon Wants To Plop A Big Yellow Cell Tower In Front Of PGHS

School Prepares Kids For Jail

Schools looking more like prisons all the time.

Pacific Grove Unified School District has proposed erecting a 6-foot high fence around the perimeter of the school with gates that would be locked while classes are in session.

In March, police ramped up security at all Pacific Grove schools for several days after someone wrote a threat in the P.G. High’s girls’ bathroom alluding to a school shooting. Pacific Grove police have not yet arrested the person responsible for the threat.

So the threats appear to come from students. Imagine the trampling that would occur if an assailant carries out a treat, with all students locked in behind a gate?

School Prepares Kids For Jail

Violence Threats Found At P.G. High

By the looks of the grammar and writing style, it could be a P.G. High student, possibly a junior.

Police investigators are looking into multiple written threats left in bathrooms and the girls locker room since March 1 at the Pacific Grove High School campus that allude to plans for a possible school shooting.

The first one, from a photo taken March 1 read: “Imma shoot up this school just wait on it … my shooter, he already got a plan.”

Violence Threats Found At P.G. High

P.G. High Student Threatens Assistant Principal

Student is from Pebble Beach.

How many times was the opportunity to manage the bad kid out of the school system overlooked?

PGhs 1103

The boy gave Martinez permission to search his backpack and she found nothing unusual, she said. But when the student began acting nervously, she asked Howell to search him. In his right front pocket, Howell found a 3½-inch kitchen knife inside a homemade cardboard sheath.

Martinez called police. The boy said he usually kept the weapon in his backpack but was late that morning and put it in his pants. Asked why he carried it, the student took on a sarcastic tone, Martinez said.

“I like to cut things,” he said. “I cut many things.”


The next day, Martinez said, she attended training at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. While walking through the hospital, she saw John Doe lying on a bed.

P.G. High Student Threatens Assistant Principal

P.G. High Students Arrested In Real Life Fight Club

Fight Club

Four of the arrested juveniles have been charged with misdemeanor battery and fighting in public. The fifth, a teen girl, faces a charge of felony assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly hitting another girl in the face with a full beer can. The victim needed stitches. The altercation between the girls happened while they were waiting for an organized fight to begin, Nyunt said.

Another recent fight, which was not one of the organized skirmishes, left one of the combatants with a cracked spine, which was nonparalyzing, and a broken hand, police said.

The investigated fights, including one that was video-recorded and put on YouTube, have taken place at Arnett Park, George Washington Park and Pacific Grove High’s parking lot.

Kids getting bored in P.G., or did one’s wind chime irritate another?

P.G. High Students Arrested In Real Life Fight Club

$7,000,000 High School Football Field Almost Done

Not quite what I had in mind when the bond measures said renovate the schools – there may be no heat and the bathrooms are locked, but hey, we can play football on artificial grass.

Breaker Stadium 6 Million

. . . in two weeks, the school will have a new $7 million athletic stadium to replace the dilapidated one in use since the 1960s.

The stadium features upgraded aluminum bleachers, synthetic grass field, snack bar, scoreboard, field house and wheelchair access. It also features an upgraded parking lot and walkway to the field.

$7,000,000 High School Football Field Almost Done

Shoe Game 2008 – Carmel 49, P.G 7

Carmel PG Shoe

49 to 7?

Carmel and Pacific Grove high schools used to have a ceremonial bonfire before their football teams squared off in the county’s most storied rivalry.

That was until 1952, when Charlie Higuera and some of his fellow Pacific Grove seniors sneaked over to Carmel to light their rivals’ pile of wood — the night before the bonfire was set to happen.

The antic got Higuera into a heap of trouble, but he can laugh about it now.

“And that was the last time they had a bonfire,” he said Thursday at his Pacific Grove grocery store, Grove Market.

While it extinguished a pregame tradition, the prank helped fuel a rivalry that is still going strong more than a half century later.

Shoe Game 2008 – Carmel 49, P.G 7