P.G. High Student Threatens Assistant Principal

Student is from Pebble Beach.

How many times was the opportunity to manage the bad kid out of the school system overlooked?

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The boy gave Martinez permission to search his backpack and she found nothing unusual, she said. But when the student began acting nervously, she asked Howell to search him. In his right front pocket, Howell found a 3½-inch kitchen knife inside a homemade cardboard sheath.

Martinez called police. The boy said he usually kept the weapon in his backpack but was late that morning and put it in his pants. Asked why he carried it, the student took on a sarcastic tone, Martinez said.

“I like to cut things,” he said. “I cut many things.”


The next day, Martinez said, she attended training at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. While walking through the hospital, she saw John Doe lying on a bed.

P.G. High Student Threatens Assistant Principal