Verizon Wants To Plop A Big Yellow Cell Tower In Front Of PGHS

Why there and not in Country Club Gate? The tower and it’s service pedestal box will only be targets for graffiti, adding to the already ugliness. AT$T put them in the cemetery.

Pghs Cell Tower

“We have built our reputation on network reliability, for Pacific Grove this is really about staying ahead of the curve for meeting demand on data growth,” said Heidi Flato, a spokeswoman for Verizon. “Looking at the data and how much traffic is coming out of the high school and surrounding neighborhood, there is a need to add capacity to our network to that location.”

But those who oppose the new wireless facility said it’s not needed and there’s not enough known about the health effects of this newer cell technology.

“We have a Wi-Fi system that totally handles all their needs to go online,” said Pacific Grove High School Principal Matt Bell, who also noted that currently, the reception is excellent and students overall are really only using their cellphones on breaks and at lunch time. “We also really have a duty to make school as safe as we can possibly make it and currently there are conflicting report of the safety of cell tower emissions.”

Verizon Wants To Plop A Big Yellow Cell Tower In Front Of PGHS