NIMBYs Still Believe Affordable Means Ghetto

301 Grand story continues. I recall the apartments that were there were classic P.G. Old, kind of sketchy but cheap.

301 Grand

Neighbors said they have no complaints with the building under construction but object to the one containing affordable units, which is also two stories. Based on elevation poles outlining the proposed project, it is lower than a three-story neighbor on Fountain Avenue to the project’s north boundary.

Pam Silkwood, a Carmel land-use attorney representing Carolyn Hill, who owns the three-story house behind the project, told the Architectural Review Board that the affordable units “impair the desirability of investment or occupation of the neighborhood.”

NIMBYs Still Believe Affordable Means Ghetto

Pebble Beach Townhomes Open

Del Monte Park Dwellers said that the P.B. workers would stink, unlike their Arkwright Court neighbors.

DMP Del Monte Park

Monterey County required the Pebble Beach Company to
build the affordable units at its own expense as part of the
company’s final buildout plan — not only to provide badly
needed workforce housing, but to reduce commutes by workers in and out of Del Monte Forest. The company selected a site it said was convenient to services and contained degraded habitat.
But before the Pebble Beach Company broke ground on
the project, it faced pushback from some neighbors in the
Del Monte Park area of Pacific Grove, who claimed that the
townhomes would cause noise and light pollution, destroy the natural habitat, increase traffic and even be the source of bad smells.

Pebble Beach Townhomes Open

Bums Get To Stay In Monterey’s Best Areas

Yall voted for the people that enact these laws, enjoy what you get.

the city has no choice but to designate such a district soon in order to be in compliance with Senate Bill 2. The bill mandates that a city’s zoning encourages and facilitates emergency shelters and limits their denial.

The last time Monterey resident Elaine MacDonald lived near a homeless services program she said she witnessed loitering, received some unwelcome gawking and often found drug paraphernalia in her front yard. It was enough to make the single mother stay inside and keep her children there, too.

Areas now in consideration for the overlay include commercial parcels in the Lighthouse/Foam/Cannery Row area, general parcels downtown along Tyler and Washington Streets and to Lake El Estero, as well as above City Hall and additional areas along Del Monte Avenue, Cass Street and Munras Avenue. All of Monterey’s Oak Grove neighborhood and parts of Casanova Oak Knoll, Del Monte, Del Monte Beach and Villa Del Monte neighborhoods are also under consideration, as are the industrial zoning areas of Garden Road, Ryan Ranch and along Highway 68.

Bums Get To Stay In Monterey’s Best Areas

What To Expect Living Next To MPCC

They just might have a party or two. Been doing it since 1926.

Caddyshack Party

In a letter to the county, 22 neighbors mostly from Wranglers Trail wrote to “express our grave concerns” about the expansion proposal’s terrace additions, which they argued were intended to support an outdoor bar and restaurant that would have an “adverse impact” on the adjacent residential areas from noise, activity, lighting and “other visual intrusiveness,” pointing out that Wrangler Trail bedrooms would be in the line of sight from the terrace bar and restaurant.

The neighbors argued in the letter the new terrace facilities would be able to accommodate 80-100 people and would be the eighth dining and beverage venue at the 90-year-old country club, and called it the “single most intrusive such venue on the adjacent residential neighborhood.”

What To Expect Living Next To MPCC

NIMBYs In Del Monte Park Say It’s For The Trees

Please think about the trees says the neighborhood that looks down on Pebble Beach workers who would live across the fence from them. As they continue to cover more ground for driveways and mini mansions.


Arguing that the Pebble Beach Co. should find an alternate site for its Del Monte Forest affordable housing apartment complex project that doesn’t include removal of 725 trees, the Del Monte Neighbors United group will get a chance to make its case before the Board of Supervisors next week.

“Thus, this appeal is not about blocking inclusionary housing,” he wrote. “This is about the removal of 725 mature trees in the Monterey pine forest, which has been fragmented and harmed by years of incremental development, and there are alternative projects that would still provide much-needed inclusionary housing without the commensurate environmental impacts.”

NIMBYs In Del Monte Park Say It’s For The Trees

Council Goes All NIMBY Over Pebble Beach Employee Housing

Afraid it would bring down the values in P.G.’s own ghetto? Afraid of people from Seaside moving nearby? What? Next thing you know they’ll be putting in sidewalks in Del Monte Park.
DMP Dead End Street

the council voted 6-0 in support of a comment letter on the proposed 24-unit affordable housing project’s draft environmental impact report that included a recommendation that the project be relocated to a site at Sunset Drive and 17 Mile Drive. The letter is set to be delivered to county planner Joe Sidor, who is overseeing the project review, in the next few days, ahead of the June 19 public comment deadline.

The proposed project site near New Congress Drive and SFB Morse Drive on the edges of the Del Monte Park neighborhood has drawn considerable opposition, particularly from nearby residents.

Council Goes All NIMBY Over Pebble Beach Employee Housing

Pebble Beach Employee Housing vs. Del Monte Park NIMBYs

Affordable Pebble Beach apartments for their employees comes under fire from the DMP people against everything. Did you know that Arkwright Court is the gateway to Del Monte Park? I’d rather live by the Pebble Beach apartments than Arkwright Court.

DMP Dead End Street

Kathleen Davis has lived in Pacific Grove for more than 20 years and said her backyard fence boarders Pebble Beach. When she heard about the plans for affordable housing near her backyard, she took action.

“Well, no most of the people on this street and many of the people who live in this neighborhood are against it,” said Davis.

One of the key parts of the proposal would take the 2.7 acres of land and turn it into apartments, parking lot and a recreation area.

“Probably going to have a significant impact on the property values of all of these houses here,” said Davis.

Del Monte Park NIMBY Group Strong As Ever

DMP Del Monte Park
Del Monte Park – land of no sidewalks, dead end streets and popular with car burglars.

I lived in DMP when Pebble Beach wanted to build a water reclamation system to irrigate the golf courses without using fresh water. The DMP NIMBY crowd went full bore opposition on that one (remember the ‘Sewer Newsletter’ that was delivered in mailboxes without postage?).

Then Pebble Beach wanted to construct a conveyor system to mine sand for the under construction Spanish Bay resort. Yep – DMP NIMBYs didn’t like that either.

Now the P.G. neighborhood that includes the Moreland/Arkwright Felony Flats is opposing affordable housing that will likely be occupied by Pebble Beach employees.

Not hiding the bias at all –

Mel Fortes said the company needs to disclose the income levels of the P.B. Co. workers who will live in the two-level townhomes, tentatively called Congress Court.
“We need to find out what kind of population we are going to have here,” he said.
That sparked a curt response from P.B. Co. vice president of real estate Mark Stilwell, who bore the brunt of anger and frustration by those at the meeting.

“Do you know all of your neighbors’ income levels?” Stilwell asked Fortes.

Del Monte Park NIMBY Group Strong As Ever

One Man Faction Against John Denver Memorial

John Denver Plane

“It’s going to [cause] parking problems, traffic congestion at that corner,” Peter Alene told council members . . . This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the plane crash that killed the singer. He was flying an experimental aircraft Oct. 12, 1997, when he crashed about 200 yards off the coast near the P.G. lighthouse . . . . Jon Biggs, the city’s community development director, said the architectural review board already approved the memorial. “And nobody showed up” to protest it, Cort said.

John Denver Memorial Map

Traffic? Oh come on. Peter Alene appears to be another one of P.G.’s cranky “No Fun Allowed” fringe. Ocean View Boulevard is packed with traffic year round. The memorial is nothing but a plaque stuck to a rock.

One Man Faction Against John Denver Memorial