One Man Faction Against John Denver Memorial

John Denver Plane

“It’s going to [cause] parking problems, traffic congestion at that corner,” Peter Alene told council members . . . This year marks the 10-year anniversary of the plane crash that killed the singer. He was flying an experimental aircraft Oct. 12, 1997, when he crashed about 200 yards off the coast near the P.G. lighthouse . . . . Jon Biggs, the city’s community development director, said the architectural review board already approved the memorial. “And nobody showed up” to protest it, Cort said.

John Denver Memorial Map

Traffic? Oh come on. Peter Alene appears to be another one of P.G.’s cranky “No Fun Allowed” fringe. Ocean View Boulevard is packed with traffic year round. The memorial is nothing but a plaque stuck to a rock.

One Man Faction Against John Denver Memorial

2 thoughts on “One Man Faction Against John Denver Memorial

  1. It seems that perhaps someone in Pacific Grove was SO concerned about increased traffic on Ocean Avenue that John Denver’s memorial plaque has been stolen – it is GONE, missing, as of August 2008. I know because I was there on vacation and went to see the plaque and it was not there. Just the bare rock where it had been afixed. Maybe this man decided that with no plaque there would be no traffic. Well, there is ALWAYS traffic on Ocean Blvd., plaque or NO plaque.

  2. Lori
    I’ve been by the location every week and have not ever seen the plaque affixed yet. I’ve watched as the barricade with the public notice went up, and now the rock sits as you’ve seen it, waiting for the official day.

    The local tabloid reports that the plaque was sent back for modifications. I’m sure there will be some ceremony to go with it. I’ll remember to drop a line when it does.


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