Pebble Beach Employee Housing vs. Del Monte Park NIMBYs

Affordable Pebble Beach apartments for their employees comes under fire from the DMP people against everything. Did you know that Arkwright Court is the gateway to Del Monte Park? I’d rather live by the Pebble Beach apartments than Arkwright Court.

DMP Dead End Street

Kathleen Davis has lived in Pacific Grove for more than 20 years and said her backyard fence boarders Pebble Beach. When she heard about the plans for affordable housing near her backyard, she took action.

“Well, no most of the people on this street and many of the people who live in this neighborhood are against it,” said Davis.

One of the key parts of the proposal would take the 2.7 acres of land and turn it into apartments, parking lot and a recreation area.

“Probably going to have a significant impact on the property values of all of these houses here,” said Davis.