NIMBYs In Del Monte Park Say It's For The Trees

Please think about the trees says the neighborhood that looks down on Pebble Beach workers who would live across the fence from them. As they continue to cover more ground for driveways and mini mansions.


Arguing that the Pebble Beach Co. should find an alternate site for its Del Monte Forest affordable housing apartment complex project that doesn’t include removal of 725 trees, the Del Monte Neighbors United group will get a chance to make its case before the Board of Supervisors next week.

“Thus, this appeal is not about blocking inclusionary housing,” he wrote. “This is about the removal of 725 mature trees in the Monterey pine forest, which has been fragmented and harmed by years of incremental development, and there are alternative projects that would still provide much-needed inclusionary housing without the commensurate environmental impacts.”

NIMBYs In Del Monte Park Say It’s For The Trees