Del Monte Park NIMBY Group Strong As Ever

DMP Del Monte Park
Del Monte Park – land of no sidewalks, dead end streets and popular with car burglars.

I lived in DMP when Pebble Beach wanted to build a water reclamation system to irrigate the golf courses without using fresh water. The DMP NIMBY crowd went full bore opposition on that one (remember the ‘Sewer Newsletter’ that was delivered in mailboxes without postage?).

Then Pebble Beach wanted to construct a conveyor system to mine sand for the under construction Spanish Bay resort. Yep – DMP NIMBYs didn’t like that either.

Now the P.G. neighborhood that includes the Moreland/Arkwright Felony Flats is opposing affordable housing that will likely be occupied by Pebble Beach employees.

Not hiding the bias at all –

Mel Fortes said the company needs to disclose the income levels of the P.B. Co. workers who will live in the two-level townhomes, tentatively called Congress Court.
“We need to find out what kind of population we are going to have here,” he said.
That sparked a curt response from P.B. Co. vice president of real estate Mark Stilwell, who bore the brunt of anger and frustration by those at the meeting.

“Do you know all of your neighbors’ income levels?” Stilwell asked Fortes.

Del Monte Park NIMBY Group Strong As Ever