Morrie Fisher Passes

The Mayor with a badge no longer making hookups in Carmel. And his free golf privileges are officially off.

Mayor Badge

Morrie Fisher, the former Pacific Grove mayor known for his role in developing the Asilomar Beach trail and instituting the town’s Fourth of July picnic celebration and Christmas tree lighting ceremony, died Monday. He was 79.

As a resident and active member of Pacific Grove for most of his life, Mr. Fisher served two terms as mayor from 1986 to 1990 and from 2002 to 2004. Besides his mayoral role, he also sat on the city council for four terms.

Morrie Fisher Passes

Psst! Morrie’s Free Golf Deal Is Off

Old Grumpy Golfers

A settlement that would have given former Pacific Grove Mayor Morrie Fisher a lifetime discount on playing fees at the city’s municipal golf course has been unanimously rejected by the Pacific Grove City Council.

City Attorney David Laredo brought the settlement, reached through mediation out of court, to the council Nov. 5 and the council appeared receptive at the time. Laredo said both parties agreed that pursuing Fisher’s lawsuit to recover his free golf wasn’t worth the potential expense, and that settlement would allow city officials to concentrate on more pressing business.

Psst! Morrie’s Free Golf Deal Is Off

Morrie Fisher Settles ‘Free Golf For Life’ Lawsuit

According to the agreement, Fisher will be allowed to purchase an annual golf pass at a fee not to exceed half of the regular senior citizen annual rate of $635 for unlimited golf.

Fisher had used a free golf pass signed by former City Manager Gary Bales for nearly 15 years before the council revoked what he said was a lifetime privilege and he filed suit to recover the benefit after the City Council rejected his claim.

The city contended that Fisher’s golf privileges were not authorized or enforceable, and that they ended along with privileges enjoyed by others in the past.

Letters From The Editor – the next day

Slow news day?

The front page for Morrie? Hard to believe that the news is so slow that we have to worry about the former mayor of Pacific Grove’s golf benefits.

On the other hand, it’s a good example of how the “good old boys” got our city into the mess it is now.

Charles Lee
Pacific Grove

A candidate for airline ad

Morrie Fisher and his good old boys got Pacific Grove into the financial situation it is trying to get out of and then he wins in a lawsuit he brings against the town. For all the money he has cost Pacific Grove, I don’t see how he can show his face around here or on the golf course.

Maybe he will be on the next Southwest Airlines commercials that get you out of town quickly and cheaply for making such stupid blunders.

Vicki Illgner
Pacific Grove

Morrie Fisher Settles ‘Free Golf For Life’ Lawsuit

Ex-Mayor Morrie Fisher Sues For Free Golf

Old golfers

Morrie Fisher has sued the city he once led, claiming the city unfairly took away his lifetime privilege to play golf for free on the city’s links.

Fisher says he was promised unlimited play on the city’s municipal course when he first left the council in 1991, according to the lawsuit filed in Monterey Superior Court last week.

Even if he was a retired, full-time employee, said city attorney David Laredo, the city’s policy doesn’t grant lifetime free golf privileges, nor does it give a city manager the authority to allow unlimited golf play. Green fees at the Pacific Grove Golf Links are now as much as $40, depending on the day.

“I don’t believe there is any basis in fact or in law for the benefit that he claims,” Laredo said

Or as Snick says (in a Clint Eastwood impersonation): “The only way for an ex-mayor get free golf is to buy the golf course!”

Ex-Mayor Morrie Fisher Sues For Free Golf

P.G. Seeks Audit On City Funds

Pacific Grove City Manager Jim Colangelo has hired a high-powered accounting firm to scrutinize the city’s finances after the discovery of what appears to be a $2.3 million accounting error.

The firm will also look into what happened to $1 million that was believed to have been moved from the enterprise fund several years ago and was never accounted for, Colangelo said.

Thanks Morrie & Crew.

PG Seeks Audit On City Funds

Morrie Fisher, Mayor With A Badge

Creepy old guy tries to pick up women using a tin star.

Mayor Badge

Former police chief Scott Miller says he had several pointed discussions with city manager Hubbard over the impropriety of providing the mayor and council with badges, and refused to place the badge order, leaving Hubbard to do so himself.

In Miller’s view, there is no practical reason for politicians and other non-police to have badges. He says that having a badge, particularly in a wallet, is only designed to get out of tickets or otherwise attempt to influence law enforcement officials to “give them a break because of the badge.”

Hubbard told Miller the justification for the mayor and council members to have badges was in the event of a natural disaster, where they were outside of the city limits and the city had been cut off from the outside world, council members could use the badges to influence police to let them through the perimeter.

On Monday, July 14th, there was apparently a natural disaster in the making at the Mission Ranch restaurant and bar in Carmel.

A woman, who will be identified as Sandy, was sitting at the bar waiting for a table. While waiting, she and her three female friends were contacted by an individual whom she characterized as an older gentleman sitting alone at the bar. He initiated a conversation with them, and almost immediately identified himself as the mayor of Pacific Grove. When Sandy and her friends expressed some skepticism, she said the man, in order to prove his point, pulled a wallet out of his pocket, flipped it open, and said, “No, really, here’s my badge.” Sandy said the badge looked to be a police badge and was contained in a leather wallet.

After returning his badge to his pocket, Fisher told Sandy that he likes to come to the Mission Ranch to drink because PG is basically a “dry” city. He also added that he likes to drive home through Pebble Beach to avoid the police on the highway. Their conversation ended when the ladies were seated at their table for dinner. Sandy characterized Fisher as a friendly, braggadocio type character with a badge.

So, the first-known official act of mayor Fisher and his new police-style badge was an attempt to impress four ladies in a bar in Carmel.

Goldbeck Fires Letter To D.A. In Police Chief Firing

Cronies in Love. Fisher & Schenk

The letter, which was addressed to Terry Spitz in the Monterey County DA’s office, presented Goldbeck’s case for what she believes is a conspiracy orchestrated by Mayor Morrie Fisher to get rid of the chief so that his friend, Sergeant Richard Cox, could move up in the department.

Goldbeck also accused (Ron) Schenk of having “at least two meetings” with Cox at Schenk’s home while the officer was on duty. Later in the council meeting, Schenk admitted to being a friend of Cox, but claimed that the meetings were related to their positions on the board of their church and dealt with church business.