Morrie Fisher, Mayor With A Badge

Creepy old guy tries to pick up women using a tin star.

Mayor Badge

Former police chief Scott Miller says he had several pointed discussions with city manager Hubbard over the impropriety of providing the mayor and council with badges, and refused to place the badge order, leaving Hubbard to do so himself.

In Miller’s view, there is no practical reason for politicians and other non-police to have badges. He says that having a badge, particularly in a wallet, is only designed to get out of tickets or otherwise attempt to influence law enforcement officials to “give them a break because of the badge.”

Hubbard told Miller the justification for the mayor and council members to have badges was in the event of a natural disaster, where they were outside of the city limits and the city had been cut off from the outside world, council members could use the badges to influence police to let them through the perimeter.

On Monday, July 14th, there was apparently a natural disaster in the making at the Mission Ranch restaurant and bar in Carmel.

A woman, who will be identified as Sandy, was sitting at the bar waiting for a table. While waiting, she and her three female friends were contacted by an individual whom she characterized as an older gentleman sitting alone at the bar. He initiated a conversation with them, and almost immediately identified himself as the mayor of Pacific Grove. When Sandy and her friends expressed some skepticism, she said the man, in order to prove his point, pulled a wallet out of his pocket, flipped it open, and said, “No, really, here’s my badge.” Sandy said the badge looked to be a police badge and was contained in a leather wallet.

After returning his badge to his pocket, Fisher told Sandy that he likes to come to the Mission Ranch to drink because PG is basically a “dry” city. He also added that he likes to drive home through Pebble Beach to avoid the police on the highway. Their conversation ended when the ladies were seated at their table for dinner. Sandy characterized Fisher as a friendly, braggadocio type character with a badge.

So, the first-known official act of mayor Fisher and his new police-style badge was an attempt to impress four ladies in a bar in Carmel.