Morrie Fisher Settles ‘Free Golf For Life’ Lawsuit

According to the agreement, Fisher will be allowed to purchase an annual golf pass at a fee not to exceed half of the regular senior citizen annual rate of $635 for unlimited golf.

Fisher had used a free golf pass signed by former City Manager Gary Bales for nearly 15 years before the council revoked what he said was a lifetime privilege and he filed suit to recover the benefit after the City Council rejected his claim.

The city contended that Fisher’s golf privileges were not authorized or enforceable, and that they ended along with privileges enjoyed by others in the past.

Letters From The Editor – the next day

Slow news day?

The front page for Morrie? Hard to believe that the news is so slow that we have to worry about the former mayor of Pacific Grove’s golf benefits.

On the other hand, it’s a good example of how the “good old boys” got our city into the mess it is now.

Charles Lee
Pacific Grove

A candidate for airline ad

Morrie Fisher and his good old boys got Pacific Grove into the financial situation it is trying to get out of and then he wins in a lawsuit he brings against the town. For all the money he has cost Pacific Grove, I don’t see how he can show his face around here or on the golf course.

Maybe he will be on the next Southwest Airlines commercials that get you out of town quickly and cheaply for making such stupid blunders.

Vicki Illgner
Pacific Grove

Morrie Fisher Settles ‘Free Golf For Life’ Lawsuit