Schenk’s Can Was Canned

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Not Ron Schenk

Ron Schenk, who worked regularly at the Pacific Grove thrift store he founded two decades ago, wants to set the record straight: He did not “retire” from his job, he was fired. In November, Schenk, 82, the founder of the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop on Forest Avenue, was told by the president of the board of directors for the local chapter of St. Vincent de Paul Society that the board wanted him gone.

Schenk’s Can Was Canned

I’d Disagree With Ron Schenk

Letters from the editor:

Over 20 years ago I opened the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store on Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove; both to provide residents with quality second-hand goods, and to raise St. Vincent de PaulSt. Vincent de Paulmoney for the poor. For 20 years I ran the store, rounded up volunteers and solicited donations. Recently, however, the Board removed me as they felt I had been rude to a few customers, a position I don’t agree with.

Here I was in 2010 at the Holiday Parade Of Lights, waiting to get video of my children in the parade . . when Mr. Schenk walks in front of me and proceeds to yap it up. That’s rude, I say.Ron Schenk Hpol 2003

I’d Disagree With Ron Schenk

Moe Hates The New Garbage Company

Greenwaste’s mandatory recyclables sorting rules are not making the trash creators happy. Was he old way any better?
Dumpster Hollys cafe 071216

And what a typo – Ron Shank!

Ron Shank with St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store said a centralized location to deal with the cardboard isn’t what the businesses are paying for.

Shank said he’s paying more money under GreenWaste for less service.

“I don’t mind paying a few more dollars, I realize costs are going up. I expected that,” he said. “I did not expect to have poor service and in my opinion, it’s poor service.”

Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce, said a lot of work needs to be done for the sides to reach an agreement. He criticized GreenWaste’s claims of being environmentally friendly, saying some businesses will end up just driving to the dump or putting recyclables in the trash.

“The only thing that’s green about that company is money,” Ammar said.

Moe Hates The New Garbage Company

Letters From The Editor

The proposed Pacific Grove parcel tax of $120 per year costs less than dinner for four at Passionfish, two pairs of shoes from Orlando’s, three fill-ups at Shell, four bags of groceries from Grove Market or Trader Joe’s, a new sweater from Prim & Proper or a new do from the beauty shop.

Put in perspective, this is a small annual amount to help our town recover from commitments and mistakes made on our behalf by prior elected officials and previous administrators.

Please vote yes on all three tax measures to help stabilize our town’s financial situation.

P.S. to Ron Schenk: Thank you for voting to hire Jim Colangelo.

The P.S. refers to the blame-shifting letter that the ousted city councilman sent to all the papers apologizing for hiring Colangelo.

Letters From The Editor

Blame Shifting Schenk

The voted-out ex councilman Ron Schenk shotgunned a letter out to all the papers (1) (2)that would print it.

Wrong Guy for the Job
I would like to apologize to the residents of Pacific Grove for a vote when I served on the City Council.
When we were looking for a new city manager to replace the one that resigned, I voted to hire Mr. Jim Colangelo. In the interview I was impressed with his speaking ability and the fact the City did not have to pay a relocation expense as he already lived in Pacific Grove.
I knew at the time he had no city manager experience but I thought he could learn the ropes. I was wrong and I sincerely regret my vote.
In my opinion he has brought nothing but misery to America’s Last Home Town.
His effort to re-invent the government of Pacific Grove through reorganization, through layoffs of skilled and valuable people, is a nightmare. Harm is being done to our city that cannot be undone. The loss of institutional knowledge by senior management people as well as staff will be felt for years to come.
I feel a personal responsibility for this error in judgment and I am truly sorry for the discomfort and harm I have caused our wonderful town. —Ron Schenk | Pacific Grove

The Hear-old is one that didn’t print it, but did recognize it for what it appears to be.

Rant: The letter to the editor in the PG Bulletin from former Pacific Grove City Councilman Ron Schenk was a grand example of blame-shifting. Schenk wrote that he wanted “to apologize to the residents of Pacific Grove” for voting to hire City Manager Jim Colangelo. He wrote, “I was wrong and I sincerely regret my vote.” For his own role in helping to create the financial mess that Colangelo is expected to fix, Schenk offered no apology. Next edition, perhaps.

Blame Shifting Schenk

Cort Stays On As Mayor – Goldbeck, Schenk Ousted

Incumbent Dan Cort will continue as the city’s mayor after receiving after defeating City Councilwoman Susan Goldbeck and Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin Publisher Lee Yarborough with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

Was not even a close race for mayor.
DAN CORT 2,627 59.88%

Newly elected council members are Alan Cohen and Vicki Stillwell. Lisa Bennett and Dan Davis return.

Gone are Ron Schenk and Susan Goldbeck.

Cort Stays On As Mayor – Goldbeck and Schenk ousted.

Political Cartoons In P.G. Press Upset A Resident

Saw Dawn Megigi get real upset in the council meeting over these cartoons. Censorship champions come out of the woodwork when the subject matter is not on their side.
Schenk Economic
from Pacific Grove Press

Goldbeck Schenk Road Show
from Pacific Grove Press

Really. This is nothing but small time barbs. Look at what cartoonists have done to Bush or Clinton. Sheeshe.

Political Cartoons In P.G. Press Upset A Resident

Goldbeck Fires Letter To D.A. In Police Chief Firing

Cronies in Love. Fisher & Schenk

The letter, which was addressed to Terry Spitz in the Monterey County DA’s office, presented Goldbeck’s case for what she believes is a conspiracy orchestrated by Mayor Morrie Fisher to get rid of the chief so that his friend, Sergeant Richard Cox, could move up in the department.

Goldbeck also accused (Ron) Schenk of having “at least two meetings” with Cox at Schenk’s home while the officer was on duty. Later in the council meeting, Schenk admitted to being a friend of Cox, but claimed that the meetings were related to their positions on the board of their church and dealt with church business.