Ice Cream Shoppe Owner Still Full Of Hate

Ice Cream Shoppe Awning

Gary Ozuna allegedly called the customer a “Nazi Redneck Bitch”. And I wonder if he has a license to play copyrighted material in public?

“I politely said, ‘$26 seems like an awful lot to me, are you sure that is correct?’” Raph said.

Ozuna calculated the amount again and came up with the same figure. “He said ‘Yep, $26. That’s what it is,’” according to Raph.“I said, ‘OK, at these prices it would be really nice to get a local’s discount because we have lived here for 20 years,” said Raph, 54. “I didn’t think it was too much to mention.”

With Led Zeppelin music playing on the shop’s speakers in the background, Raph said, Ozuna responded by saying,
‘Well, you can thank George Bush and Dick Cheney, the Nazis, for that,’” she recounted.

Ice Cream Shoppe Owner Still Full Of Hate

We Don’t Serve Your Kind Shoppe Sets Off Flurry Of Spin Doctors

Ice Cream Shoppe Awning

Soldier Darrick Williams, who was unavailable for comment Monday, told the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce that he and his wife walked into the Ice Cream Shoppe — formerly known as Rocky Coast Ice Cream — on Lighthouse Avenue but decided to leave when they noticed the ice cream was over their budget.

As they were leaving, Williams was allegedly told by the store’s owner that he wouldn’t serve soldiers at his business, and the two exchanged words, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar told KSBW Action News 8.

“He was referring to the fact that this guy is a soldier and this specific owner has anti-war, anti-Bush sentiments and these have been expressed in the location,” Ammar said.

The incident has spurred an uproar, with some residents writing letters to the editors of local newspapers and others boycotting all Pacific Grove restaurants until the location of the dispute was revealed.

The Chamber of Commerce said that pro DLI groups are planning to boycott the ice cream shop next week.

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We Don’t Serve Your Kind Shoppe Sets Off Flurry Of Spin Doctors

P.G. Business Tells Army Sargent “We Don’t Serve Your Kind”

A soldier at the Presidio of Monterey got a taste of that attitude on Veterans Day in Pacific Grove this year. As he and his wife were leaving a business establishment, they were told, “We don’t serve your kind around here.”

Army Sgt. Derek Williams, who is studying Spanish at the Defense Language Institute, is just back from a combat tour in Iraq with the 504th Military Intelligence Battalion.

Ice Cream Shoppe

It’s the Ice Cream Shoppe on Lighthouse. The place is a shrine to the anti-Bush types.

P.G. BusinessTells Army Sargent “We Don’t Serve Your Kind”