Ice Cream Shoppe Owner Still Full Of Hate

Ice Cream Shoppe Awning

Gary Ozuna allegedly called the customer a “Nazi Redneck Bitch”. And I wonder if he has a license to play copyrighted material in public?

“I politely said, ‘$26 seems like an awful lot to me, are you sure that is correct?’” Raph said.

Ozuna calculated the amount again and came up with the same figure. “He said ‘Yep, $26. That’s what it is,’” according to Raph.“I said, ‘OK, at these prices it would be really nice to get a local’s discount because we have lived here for 20 years,” said Raph, 54. “I didn’t think it was too much to mention.”

With Led Zeppelin music playing on the shop’s speakers in the background, Raph said, Ozuna responded by saying,
‘Well, you can thank George Bush and Dick Cheney, the Nazis, for that,’” she recounted.

Ice Cream Shoppe Owner Still Full Of Hate