P.G. Business Tells Army Sargent “We Don’t Serve Your Kind”

A soldier at the Presidio of Monterey got a taste of that attitude on Veterans Day in Pacific Grove this year. As he and his wife were leaving a business establishment, they were told, “We don’t serve your kind around here.”

Army Sgt. Derek Williams, who is studying Spanish at the Defense Language Institute, is just back from a combat tour in Iraq with the 504th Military Intelligence Battalion.

Ice Cream Shoppe

It’s the Ice Cream Shoppe on Lighthouse. The place is a shrine to the anti-Bush types.

P.G. BusinessTells Army Sargent “We Don’t Serve Your Kind”

19 thoughts on “P.G. Business Tells Army Sargent “We Don’t Serve Your Kind”

  1. Come on Editor.
    Please tell us which business this was. So that we can all boycott it.

    It is thoroughly disgusting and beyond belief to me, that this was said.

  2. This city is incredibly stupid… i swear… such a backwards-ass town.. everyone that lives here is crazy.

  3. Between the mayor, moe and the paper it is odd that the name of the business wasn’t mentioned. I guess all the businesses will suffer now. Whoever made such a stupid comment doesn’t deserve our business. This person only has a business becuase of the freedoms that our military provides us.

  4. Any reader of this site knows I’d post it in a second.

    But here is my solution. Every business that wants to distance themselves from this item needs to offer appreciation to the military. Offer a discount or free token of appreciation to any member of the armed services. Put a sign in the window – “Military Discount” or “Free Appetizer with meal for troops”.

    The military used to be one of our largest community members, people that lived here and spent money here. I never seen any hate toward them while I was growing up here with other Army/Navy brats.

    Come on local shops – do what’s right..

  5. I wonder what the stores’ story is about this? There are two sides to each story. We may never find out now. Someone needs to press Prof Toro on who the source is & what the store is.

  6. How do you know it’s the Rocky Coast Ice Cream Shop? I’d like to know where your information is derived from and how reliable it is.

  7. i dont know its the rocky coast ice cream shop… i just hate this entire town, so i don’t really care who gets bad publicity in PG. 🙂

    this town is the asshole of satan himself

  8. There is no more Rocky Coast, that stored closed years ago. It’s called ICE CREAM SHOPPE today. Besides, it’s all been patched up: “The military family came in when we got into a disagreement about the war,” said the shop’s owner, Gary Ozuna. “(It) turns out we were both talking about the same thing (and) it was a misunderstanding.” On Monday, Ozuna put up a sign that read “Military Welcome. One Free Scoop Of Ice Cream.” He said he started giving away free ice cream to those in the military following the incident.”

  9. Ozuna is an a**hole. He obviously has never done jack for his country, ie serve in the military. I think all this negative publicity is really going to adversely affect the Ice Cream Shoppe. I have spoken with a quite a few locals who vow never to go in that place. Oh, and putting an American Flag in the window now, is too dam late Ozuna. Damage is already done. The soldier is right, the ice cream is overpriced, if you want ice cream people, get yourselves up to Rite Aid, lots of flavours and a hell of a lot cheaper and friendlier than the Ice Cream Shoppe.

    Ozuna you are a disgrace to the merchants of Pacific Grove, I am disgusted with you as are many others.

  10. I had a feeling that it could have been the ice cream shope. When I moved to P.G almost two years ago I went there and had a malt for $5 but when I went back a week later he charged me $7 when I told him it was only $5 a week before he told me he had to raise the price because chocolate malts requier more ice cream then proceeded to laugh as I walked out with my $7 ice cream. I;m not in the military but I do sport the hair style. When read the story the ice cream nazi was the first fool I thought of. I never went back to that shop. Carl’s Jr sells malts for bout $3.50

  11. Trial by Monterey Herald. Trial by Opinionated News. Easy, quick, no juries, appeals or…

    And he is part Indian to boot. He has no side to the story.

  12. Oh and also “Hangmans Noose” don’t play the race card.People always revert to that, don’t they? So predictable.

  13. I will say whatever the truth is as I see it.

    I know you will never, never even believe that Maybe what is said is not the truth. He never said what the media claims. Period.

    Trial by media…

  14. Hush, be quiet Gary.

    Nobody believes you, you are just trying to “save face” after all this negative publicity at your biz.

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