Ice Cream Shoppe Owner Denies Accusing Soldiers

The store is a shrine to the far left leaning views of the owner – what do you expect?

Ice Cream Shoppe Awning

Ozuna has a very different account of what happened that day. “Those are all lies,” he said, after reading a Monterey County Herald report of the incident.

This week, the parties told The Pine Cone very different accounts of what transpired that Veteran’s Day.

Derek Williams, who served in Iraq from November 2006 to November 2007, said that as they were leaving the shop, he heard Ozuna say he didn’t want to serve military personnel. Derek then told his wife, who confronted the shop owner.

“I turned around and said, ‘Excuse me, what did you say to us?’” Courtney Williams said. “And he said, ‘I wasn’t speaking to you, I was speaking to my customers.’”

“Semi-heated” words were then exchanged, the Williamses said.

“I kind of went off on a tangent,” said Courtney Williams, who is studying Arabic. “I said he [Ozuna] wouldn’t have his freedom if it wasn’t for my husband. It kind of hit a soft spot in me.”

At some point during the exchange, the couple said Ozuna included their daughter in the argument.

“He said we were baby killers and murderers,” Derek Williams recalled. “And that we were raising the next generation of killers.”

“I couldn’t believe this guy was attacking us in broad daylight in front of customers,” Courtney Williams said.

Ice Cream Shoppe Owner Denies Accusing Soldiers