Pebble Beach Woman Robbed By Caregiver

Maybe someone on probation is not the best choice for a caregiver

An elderly Pebble Beach resident reported to deputies that $2,245 worth of personal checks had been stolen from her home, forged with her signature and cashed, deputies said. Monterey County sheriff’s deputies investigated the incident and subsequently arrested Seaside resident Javier Vazquez Arango at about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday in the 1200 block of Aguajito Road in Monterey.

Pebble Beach Woman Robbed By Caregiver

Del Monte Park NIMBYs Lose A Point In Pebble Beach Battle

And Mayor Kampe suddenly discovers a letter from PB Co that he didn’t know he had. Perhaps he left it in Dan Cort’s ‘moron’ file.

The council sent a letter to the Pebble Beach Co. and county officials in November listing a number of reasons why neighbors of the project site oppose the location and asking the company to consider an alternative site. The letter asked the company to list all alternative sites considered, why they were rejected, why the company feels the proposed site is superior to other alternatives, and requested information on any studies done on alternative sites.

Earlier this week, Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe said the company actually sent a reply letter, contrary to his statement on Sunday. The letter dated Dec. 20 from company vice president Mark Stilwell, which Kampe said he didn’t discover until Monday, outlined the company’s reasons for choosing the proposed site, but did not address the council’s request for any information about alternative sites..

Del Monte Park NIMBYs Lose A Point In Pebble Beach Battle

Person Dead In Stuart Elder Crash Was Drinking

Michael Lukehart, who represents Elder, said he learned through case discovery documents that “both parties had been consuming alcohol.”

Chief Assistant District Attorney Terry Spitz said the information did not stop his office from pressing charges against Elder.

“That is a fact that we were aware of and we took into account when reviewing the case,” he said. “We were obviously aware of it — we provided the information to the defense.”

LaRone and Daly were in a 2005 Ford driven by Daly when Elder’s Cadillac sport utility vehicle crossed into the opposite lane and into the path of the Ford, the California Highway Patrol said.

Elder, 30 at the time of the crash, was arrested by CHP officers and released on $430,000 bail.

Person Dead In Stuart Elder Crash Was Drinking

Stuart Elder Sued

Lawsuit claims Elder was going 70 mph in a 25 zone..

The family of two women who died in a head-on collision in Pebble Beach when alleged drunken driver Stuart Elder slammed into their car after attending a food and wine event in Pebble Beach has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver.

On April 7, Sharon Daly, 72, and Linda Larone, 65, were killed when Elder, 30, of Pacific Grove, crashed his Cadillac Escalade into their much smaller Ford Freestyle while they were driving on Sloat Road near Bird Rock Road.

The lawsuit against Elder was filed Dec. 11 in Monterey County Superior Court by Anne Margaret Larone, Larone’s mother; Melanie Robinson, Daly’s niece; and Rhonda Dodge, trustee of the two women’s trust, according to the suit. The claim alleges Elder was negligent when he crossed over into Daly’s lane and struck her vehicle.

“Stuart Elder was negligently, carelessly, recklessly or in some other actionable manner driving the Cadillac Escalade under the influence of alcohol after spending the afternoon at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine festival,” the suit contends.

Stuart Elder Sued

Stuart Elder Arraigned

Court of Judge Russell Scott. Same as Deborah King and Aaron Corn.

Surrounded by a veritable human shield, 31-year-old Stuart Elder was arraigned Friday on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter in the deaths of two Pebble Beach women.

Elder, a luxury home builder out of Pacific Grove, was formally charged Monday, seven months after he was first arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence during the April 7 wreck. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Linda Larone, 65, and Sharon Daly, 72, were killed in the accident that also seriously injured 20-year-old Selvia Gattis.

According to the Contractors State License Board, Elder is the sole proprietor of E.C.I. Building Inc., in Pacific Grove. His license was active as of Friday.

Stuart Elder Arraigned

Stuart Elder In Court

Elevated to celebrity status.

On Friday, he rushed in and out of the courthouse, his lawyer at his side.

Elder’s Bakersfield attorney Michael Lukehart told the judge he will ask the court to ban the press from using “electronic media — filming, recording or photographing” at the proceedings, noting that TV crews were filming as he spoke.

Judge Russell Scott said he had already granted permission for cameras to roll at the arraignment.

Stuart Elder In Court

Would Pebble Beach Allow Meth Labs Across The Fence From Del Monte Park?


Residents closest to the most ghetto Pacific Grove have some real paranoia. Meth labs, street races and Wal Mart stores.

Project site neighbor John McClure said the development would “smell like a meth lab” and be as “noisy as a drag strip.”

A woman who said she was a licensed real estate broker argued property values were being “seriously damaged even by the rumors of this project.”

Another nearby resident said he was “horrified” when he heard about the project after paying “top dollar” for his home because it was located in an area where there are no Walmarts, Targets, 7-11 stores — or apartments.

Pebble Beach Would Allow Meth Labs Across The Fence From Del Monte Park

Stuart Elder Accident Investigation Sent To DA

Who is Stuart Elder anyway?

Investigators with the California Highway Patrol delivered their report on Thursday to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office in connection with a collision that killed two Peninsula women.

Linda LaRone, 65, and Sharon Daly, 72, well-known former owners of a Pacific Grove pet store, died in the April 7 crash on Sloat Road in Pebble Beach.

Stuart Elder, 30, was arrested by CHP officers on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter while under the influence.

Selvia Gattas, 20, a passenger in Elder’s car, was hospitalized and released.

Friends of LaRone and Daly expressed frustration that months after the crash, Elder has yet to be charged by prosecutors in what Chief Assistant District Attorney Terry Spitz calls a “fairly complex” case.

Spitz said prosecutor Ed Hazel was briefed Thursday on the CHP’s report and “has questions for the investigator to follow up on.”

Stuart Elder Accident Investigation Sent To DA

Del Monte Park NIMBY Group Strong As Ever

Del Monte Park – land of no sidewalks, dead end streets and popular with car burglars.

I lived in DMP when Pebble Beach wanted to build a water reclamation system to irrigate the golf courses without using fresh water. The DMP NIMBY crowd went full bore opposition on that one (remember the ‘Sewer Newsletter’ that was delivered in mailboxes without postage?).

Then Pebble Beach wanted to construct a conveyor system to mine sand for the under construction Spanish Bay resort. Yep – DMP NIMBYs didn’t like that either.

Now the P.G. neighborhood that includes the Moreland/Arkwright Felony Flats is opposing affordable housing that will likely be occupied by Pebble Beach employees.

Not hiding the bias at all –

Mel Fortes said the company needs to disclose the income levels of the P.B. Co. workers who will live in the two-level townhomes, tentatively called Congress Court.
“We need to find out what kind of population we are going to have here,” he said.
That sparked a curt response from P.B. Co. vice president of real estate Mark Stilwell, who bore the brunt of anger and frustration by those at the meeting.

“Do you know all of your neighbors’ income levels?” Stilwell asked Fortes.

Del Monte Park NIMBY Group Strong As Ever