East Bound And A Pole's Down

Semi carrying cars to an event made the wrong turn there, 10-4

A big rig car carrier was making the turn at Lighthouse Ave. and Eardley Ave. in Pacific Grove when it struck a power pole. There was no damage to the truck, but there was significant damage to the base of the power pole which was leaning precariously over the street.

East Bound And A Pole’s Down

Top Gun Mazda Takes Out Sacramento Formation

Well that ought to keep the Sacramento tourists away. Pictures at KSBW.

Drivers involved in the 11 a.m. wreck said they were part of a sports car club from Sacramento. The group was on their way to cruise 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach when they decided to pull over in Pacific Grove by the ocean and take photographs.

As they were turning back onto Ocean View Boulevard, an approaching black Mazda convertible crashed into at least two of the group’s cars, club members said.

The Mazda’s personalized license plate frame read, “I’M NOT DRIVING FAST, I’M FLYING LOW.”

Top Gun Mazda Takes Out Sacramento Formation