Pebble Beach Coyotes Working Asilomar

Like, carry a gun in coyote country.

“I hear this barking and it just sounds like you’re a normal dog. So I looked behind me and I said to you, OK, there’s a dog up there. And I’m like, it’s not really dog, is it?” Lindsey said.

“And next thing I know the coyote is coming from the rocks all the way down down to the beach.”

Duke and Lindsey start walking down the beach while she is still calling for Duke to continue moving forward away from the coyote.

Lindsey said, “We got about 10 yards away and I look over and the coyote is parallel with me, probably about six feet away. And that’s when I realized he wasn’t necessarily after me. But he was stalking Duke.”

Lindsey said this went on for about five minutes and a good distance down Asilomar. She kept an eye over her shoulders until the coyote was out of her sight.

“I watched him all the way down to the other end of the rocks and he actively stood there standing his ground, barking, not even howling, just barking like your average dog,” Lindsey said.

Pebble Beach Coyotes Working Asilomar

Howling Coyotes Hunting Humans And Their Dogs

A girl, “quite literally running for her life, came tearing off the path into the street dragging her dogs along with her,” Elyse said in a post on a social media site.
“She was trying to get away from coyotes that were chasing her.”

In trying to help the young woman flee the pack of coyotes — there were as many as five of them, she said — Elyse yelled at her to walk on the ocean side of 17 Mile Drive while Elyse walked on golf course side, since, at that point, the coyotes seemed to be coming after her. “They circled us and came way too close,” said Elyse, who estimated the wild animals got about 10 feet from her. After a few minutes, the other woman and her dogs were picked up by someone in a car and the coyotes left the area.

Howling Coyotes Hunting Humans And Their Dogs

Coyotes Must Read This Site – Come For Free Meals

Wile E Coyote Appetite

The Pacific Grove Police Department is reporting an increase in coyote activity in Pacific Grove.

In the past several weeks, people have reported a number of coyote sightings and most recently coyotes attacked and killed a dear in the 600 block of Balboa, police said.

According to police, coyotes are prominent in the Central Coast region and it’s important to remember the following:

Do not feed coyotes.

Eliminate sources of water, particularly in dry times of the year.

Secure garbage containers.

Feed pets indoors whenever possible and pick up leftovers if feeding outdoors.

So many free meals – open dumpsters everywhere!

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Coyotes Must Read This Site – Come For Free Meals