Chamber Of Commerce Wants Robocalls So You Can Be Interrupted

Now there are two things that have zero credibility with me. The Chamber of Commerce and and Robocalls.

The Chamber of Commerce is suing to strike down the Federal Communications Commission’s new robocall restrictions approved in June. The FCC proposal, approved in a 3-2 vote, would broaden the definition of autodialers, which can churn through numerous telephone numbers at the same time but are banned from calling mobile phones.

The Chamber also alleged that the new rule allowing consumers to more easily opt out of being called are largely unworkable. And the limits on calling a number that has been reassigned opens business up to litigation for “simply attempting in good faith to communicate with customers who previously provided valid consent to be contacted,” according to the Chamber.

Chamber Of Commerce Wants Robocalls So You Can Be Interrupted

I Knew That Hear-Old Bill Was Fake

The price was too good to be true.

Fake bills for newspaper subscriptions have been mailed to residents in Monterey County and elsewhere in the state, and the California Attorney General’s Office is warning residents not to pay them.

The mailings may appear to be legitimate renewal notices from a local newspaper such as the Santa Cruz Sentinel or Monterey Herald, but the notices come from companies such as Magazine Payment Services, Lake Shore Publishers Service and Magazine Billing Network.

I Knew That Hear-Old Bill Was Fake

Dog Owners Think That Someone Else Picks Up DooDoo Bags

News comes from Carmel but I spotted the same behavior on Lighthouse Ave
Dog Owner Depost

Although there are dog bag dispensers at Carmel Beach, SOS has found that many visitors are bagging their pets’ waste and leaving it on the sand, rather than walking it to a garbage can.

“Plastic bags of dog waste on the beach are a serious issue,” said Rachel Kippen, SOS Program Manager. “Not only are they an eyesore and horribly unpleasant, but they also have a direct impact on some of our most critical species, including the endangered southern sea otters that call Carmel’s kelp forest home.”

Some do not even bother to pick up or direct their pooch to to curb –

Dog Owners Think That Someone Else Picks Up DooDoo Bags

Monterey To Hawaii In A Rowboat

Not a repeat of last weeks story of paddling to Pupukea, this trip was successful.

Sami Inkinen, the co-founder of real estate search and information site Trulia, and his wife, Meredith Loring, left from Monterey early Wednesday morning, according to Iniken’s post on Twitter.

They’re planning to row the 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean to Oahu, in a 20-foot long, 5-foot wood carbon fiber boat named Roosevelt.

They’re hoping their journey helps raise awareness about the risks of sugar consumption and healthy eating. Donations made to their campaign — which they call Fat Chance Row — will go to the nonprofit Institute for Responsible Nutrition at UC San Francisco.

Monterey To Hawaii In A Rowboat

Next Time Take The Train

err, a bigger boat?

The U.S. Coast Guard said a man is lucky to be alive after he was rescued 11 days into an attempted kayak voyage from Monterey to Hawaii.

The 57-year-old man was attempting to paddle all the way to Hawaii alone.

A helicopter spotted the man, who had turned back to California, in the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday about 60 miles southwest of Santa Barbara’s Point Conception after he sent a distress call, the Coast Guard said.

A friend of the man said he had left Monterey on May 30 attempting to make the voyage of nearly 2,400 miles to Honolulu in a kayak with a solar panel that charged all his electronic equipment.

Next Time Take The Train

Union Employee Tries To Form Union, Guess Where That Goes

What – labor unions are not welcome at labor unions?

Francisco Cerritos, who was hired by the United Farm Workers of America in 1998, alleges in a May 2 lawsuit filed in Monterey County Superior Court that the UFW broke numerous state labor laws, including failing to pay him overtime, and to provide meal breaks and itemized paychecks. He also alleges the UFW retaliated against him for helping forming an employees union within the UFW.

Union Employee Tries To Form Union, Guess Where That Goes

Deadly Poisonous Sponges Found Off Coast


“Killer sponges sound like creatures from a B-grade horror movie. In fact, they thrive in the lightless depths of the deep sea,” the aquarium research center said in a statement.
The institute said scientists first discovered that some sponges are carnivorous 20 years ago. Since then, only seven carnivorous species have been found in all of the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

The sponge was living near colonies of clams and tubeworms that use bacteria to obtain nutrition from methane seeping out of the seafloor.

(KTVU News)
Deadly Poisonous Sponges Found Off Coast

Radioactive Seaweed Sought On Shores

On Feb. 24, marine scientists along the coast — including researchers from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Hopkins Marine Station, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and UC Santa Cruz — will start collecting giant kelp and testing it for traces of radioactive elements from Fukushima.

The kelp collectors stressed that, even if they do detect Fukushima’s radiation emanating from the kelp, it should not pose a health hazard to humans.


godzilla vs seaweed

Radioactive Seaweed Sought On Shores

Christmas Lights Year Round In P.G. But In Carmel . . .

Take ’em down. Especially if they are seasonal home use grade – not meant for outdoor exposure for long periods.


City code allows the lights to be on display from the third Wednesday of November until the second Wednesday of January. The law applies to trees, public rights-of-way and private properties in commercial zones, and commercial operations in residential districts.

Nearly all merchants have complied, but there are some who should remove the remaining lights, said planning chief Rob Mullane.

Christmas Lights Year Round In P.G. But In Carmel