Roundabouts On 68 Are A Great Idea

Right? Roundabouts, Animal Crossings, etc. Build a modern 4 lane highway from Toro Park to highway 1 and be done.

Roundabouts Woody Buzz

But Dwight Stump, who lives in Corral de Tierra, contends the new Highway 68 roundabout project will do little to speed up traffic. Stump called it “a huge waste of taxpayer money” and “a runaway train” that won’t do much to improve commute times.

“The roundabouts are going to decrease afternoon commutes by about five minutes,” Stump told The Pine Cone. “They’re taking a 36-minute commute and decreasing it to 31 minutes, and just for two hours a day.”

Roundabouts On 68 Are A Great Idea

Another Rubbish Roundabout Roust

For Congress, Cedar, and Sunset. Admittedly not my favorite 5 way stop. I forget all right of way rules I learned and just go when it looks safe. P.G. has already blown $800.000. Cost of roundabout said to be $10,000,000. Probably double that after the bike lane no one will use is added plus an underpass for mountain lions.

If the consultant determines that a roundabout is the best alternative for the intersection, and the council OKs the idea, it could cost more than $10 million. But because of a ballot measure sponsored by the Transportation Agency for Monterey County that voters passed in 2016, P.G. will have $5 million to use toward the junction. The first phase is also being paid for by the measure.

Another Roundabout Roust

Globalism Setting In: Holman Highway Roundabout

How can these things work in our liberal area? No Left Turns, only turn right?

Blondie Roundabout

The agency says the Holman Highway roundabout project will be built to relieve congestion near Holman Highway and Highway 1 while also improving access to Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. The project is a public-private partnership between the city of Monterey, Pebble Beach Co., TAMC, Monterey County, Caltrans and the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District.

Globalism Setting In: Holman Highway Roundabout

Highway 68 Roundabout Booster Has No Clue

I think the TMAC in its entirety has no clues.

The roundabout works like this – once you enter, you yield to oncoming traffic and you can only go right. TAMC officials said the one way turns make it safer than drivers trying to turn left against oncoming traffic.

First if you see oncoming traffic in the roundabout you are going the wrong way. Second you yield to traffic that is in the roundabout when you are entering the loopy thing.

Here’s a video clip of what possibly could be a TAMC official in a Marina roundabout

Highway 68 Roundabout Booster Has No Clue

Too Many Chiefs Trying To Solve Traffic Jams On Lighthouse

Common sense solutions go by the wayside as planners think up more ways to win the war on cars.


Are there improvements we can look forward too? Yes there are, but the stakeholders have to come together and agree what’s best for the community of Monterey in this mecca of tourism.

Planners with the City of Monterey have been working on this issue for over 10 years. 9-11 was the beginning of the mega traffic issues after access across the Presidio was cut off. That left Lighthouse Avenue and the Holman Highway as the only funnel points off the peninsula.

Progress is slow on the Lighthouse avenue corridor. Since 2010, planners have been presenting ideas in workshops to make Lighthouse Avenue one way and Foam Street one way in the opposite direction. Planners have also proposed more plans for mass transit, bicycles and pedestrians and down played vehicles.

Too Many Chiefs Trying To Solve Traffic Jams On Lighthouse