Someone Has A Twisted Sense Of Humor

Happy New Year!, some data mining and selling company has an entry showing ex city manager Tom Fruitcheese as the City Manager at this website.
Zoominfo Thomas Frutchey Manager LHA

More laughs, an estimated value in the millions
Zoominfo LHA Revenue

And Mr. Fruitcheese has some interesting co-workers, like the teacher caught making meth
Zoominfo LHA Employees

For the record, the revenue of is about negative $52 per year.

Someone Has A Twisted Sense Of Humor

Pollacci Attorney Asks For Change Of Venue

Jumping in during some time off to bring this update and show the sign mockups mentioned in the media

Wouden said a Google search of Pollacci’s name turned up 13,000 hits. From March 2009 to February 2011, the three local television stations ran 224 stories on Pollacci’s charges. Five local newspapers, including The Herald, ran 174 articles, one of which quoted a judge saying Pollacci is a predator with a “long-lasting and enduring” reputation as a rapist in the community.

Wouden noted that many websites allow the public to post comments about news stories and ran photos that appeared to depict parking signs in front of Ron’s Liquors stating “Parking Only for Rape Victims” and “Parking Only for Registered Sex Offenders.”

Constant Readers of should know the Admin’s non news peeves. Open dumpsters is one, another is sidewalk blocking signs. It was there that the sign photos began. On March 12, 2009 this claim that public parking was reserved exclusively for Ron’s Liquor was posted:
Pollacci Parking Liquor Patrons Only
Then on March 13, 2009 when the media revealed that Tom Pollacci was a registered sex offender I took the “Liquor Store Only” picture and made this. This website was the first to question “would you show your ID to a sex offender?”
Pollacci Parking Sex Offenders

The latest sign mockup was January 21, 2011 – for the trial of even more rape charges for Tommy. The original picture was taken June 6, 2009:
Pollacci Parking For Rape Victims
Thanks for reading, and I think Tom will be found guilty anywhere in the USA. Hope he’s enjoying the stay in prison.

Pollacci Attorney Asks For Change Of Venue

Pollacci Defense Says He Has A Reputation

She also noted a comment by a Monterey County judge, who stated, “Pollacci has a reputation that is well-known, long-lasting and enduring as a rapist in this community.”

The study also included a doctored photo of a sign that pretended to be in front of Ron’s Liquors on Lighthouse Avenue in Pacific Grove that said “Parking only for registered sex offenders.” The photo appeared on local Internet message boards.

pretended to be in front of Ron’s Liquors? The sign was already on the sidewalk in front of the liquor store. That very Ron’s Liquors sidewalk sign that claims the public parking spaces on Lighthouse Avenue are for their customers only. is rank amateur at photoshop. I can insert text but the shadow is over my head.

Here’s the originals:
Pollacci Parking Original

Pollacci Parking Liquor Patrons Only

Pollacci Defense Says He Has A Reputation

Squids Got Internet!


Squid has been stuck to the edge of Squid’s seat– mainly to stave off “office butt”– while following three pigeon poop threads on the P.G. message board

But nastiness crept into the thread when Palmer posted a Photoshopped picture of P.G. Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar (who is of Lebanese ancestry) in an Iraqi official’s uniform, to which Guest1 replied, “Nice photo of Mohamad!” Colburn responded with more Photoshop art, this one depicting Ammar’s head on a Lebanese Army soldier’s body.

Squid thinks that load stinks worse than pigeon poop.

No, the Chamber Of Commerce’s propaganda and fear mongering stink more than pigeon poop. The Iraqi satire was of “Baghdad Bob” (who in real life is known as Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, the guy that stands in front of cameras proclaiming victory over the US) since Moe stands up and makes stupid statements praising the Chamber. The other is of Muammar al-Gaddafi, the terrorist dictator. The names are similar. And Moe is a bit of a socialist dictator, IMO

Squids Got Internet!