Call It The John Denver Memorial Sewage Treatment Plant

Seems that the Runaway Mayor’s hopes of refilling the Cal Am pond with rain is still on the table, courtesy of Sarah Hardgrave.

The most ambitious missions of the stormwater management project: to repurpose a California American Water corporate yard on David Avenue into a reservoir, and to renovate an abandoned wastewater treatment plant at Point Pinos back into productivity.

P.G. Environmental Programs Manager Sarah Hardgrave says the David Avenue reservoir could capture stormwater above Pine Avenue and send it through a new storm drain to a renovated Point Pinos wastewater treatment plant, which operated from the early 1950s to the late 1970s. Once treated, the water could irrigate the municipal golf course and cemetery, which currently use about 125 acre-feet of potable Cal Am water a year.

Call It The John Denver Memorial Sewage Treatment Plant

Anti Abortion Group Greets Students At P.G. High

Police were called to Pacific Grove High School on Tuesday morning after a group of anti-choice protestors who set up full-color, large-format photos of bloody fetuses and handed out leaflets on the Monterey Peninsula College campus intimidated P.G. High students outside that school.

According to an email sent to parents by PGHS Principal Matt Bell and obtained by the Weekly, a group of men gathered outside the school to hand out pamphlets as students were dropped off in the morning.
“These pamphlets were particularly disturbing and the manner in which the pamphlets were being distributed was very aggressive,” Bell writes in the email. “Mrs. Martinez came out as soon as she was made aware and called the PG Police.”

Anti Abortion Group Greets Students At P.G. High

AT$T Moves Antenna Towers To Motel

Cell antennas will replace the temporary ones that reduce dead zones at the cemetery. The radio energy paranoids have no opposition to the virtual farm of antennas atop the Holman building, free wifi at McDonalds or all those magnet induction streetlights that also emit radio waves.

Fake chimney in the front.
wilkies front

Fake chimney on the side.
wilkies side

The Pacific Grove City Council Aug. 21 upheld the Planning Commission’s approval of a cell-phone tower at a Lighthouse Avenue hotel, despite objections from activists who argued the radio frequencies could harm nearby adults, children at Parents Place and butterflies at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary.

The AT&T wireless telecom facility will include six 26.5-foot antennae housed within faux chimneys at The Wilkies Inn on Lighthouse Avenue, plus supporting technology. The cell tower will fill AT&T’s current coverage gap in that area of Pacific Grove.

AT$T Moves Antenna Towers To Motel

Pacific Grove, The Mobile App In The News

Coast Weakly woke up about the clunky Pacific Grove App. Most of the flaws featured at it’s launch are being ironed out, but still pretty schlocky.

pg app crash

Officials say it’s the first city-sponsored app in Monterey County, with features like a Shop & Dine section with contact info and map directions, current weather conditions and the ability to contact city officials with a touch of the screen. Users can report issues like graffiti and defunct traffic lights, with the option to include pics, audio and video as evidence.

The P.G. app, which costs the city $300 per month, was developed by MyCommunityMobile. The company has developed similar apps for the cities of Viejo, Mendota, Needles and others.

Pacific Grove, The Mobile App In The News

Back To The Future For Custom House Plaza?


Monterey Principal Planner Elizabeth Caraker stands next to a drab stone fountain and points past the bocce courts at dead-end Scott Street. Under the city’s transportation and parking study, released in March, Scott would be extended as a through-street – cutting through what today is a wharf parking lot. Alvarado would be extended to the middle of the plaza.

The plan was completed mostly with $300,000 in grant funding from the Monterey Bay Air Pollution Control District and Caltrans by San Jose-based consultants Fehr & Peers. It also calls for converting all of downtown’s one-way streets into two-ways.

“I’ve been in the business since 1987, and even with all of that experience, it’s always a challenge to find your way around Monterey,” Fehr & Peers Principal Rob Rees says. “It’s a very confusing place.”

I always liked that downtown was a maze of one way streets and intersections that are not perpendicular. Keeps the out of town-ers (like Rob Rees) cautious and less likely to run stop signs. The plaza should remain as is, maybe a few more trees for shade. And turn the fountain back into a fountain.

Back To The Future For Custom House Plaza?

Agha's Reason To Quit Water Project Is . . .

He admits having his name on it is a negative. So now it’s going to be run by a company that uses a mission statement “focus on private equity investments in innovative companies with disruptive technologies within the health care, natural and renewable resources and green technology markets.”
Hey, they left out “Sustainable”.

“I’m removing myself from the operation because I have decided that if I stay out of it, that will help the project to move forward,” Agha says.

Agha’s Reason To Quit Water Project Is…

No Marijuana Selling In Monterey

No Lighthouse Ave pot club

Monterey medical marijuana patients’ dreams of a dispensary in their town went up in smoke Wednesday night, as City Council voted 3-2 to permanently ban dispensaries in all zones within city limits.

“I’m disappointed, but not surprised,” says Richard Rosen, the Salinas-based lawyer for MyCaregiver Cooperative, Inc., the now-defunct medical marijuana cooperative that was raided by city inspectors in February after allegedly violating a court order to stop dispensing pot. That case is still being tried in Monterey Superior Court.

No Marijuana Selling In Monterey

Moe Says Things Are Looking Up

Baghdad Moe

Sure, America’s Last Hometown still struggles with out-of-control CalPERS costs and bickering political camps, but real estate values have held relatively steady. And the downtown commercial vacancy rate has dropped from about 25 percent last year to half of that, according to P.G. Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar.

Rabobank recently filled the former World Savings Bank space on Lighthouse Avenue, he says. And The Alliance on Aging just signed a lease to run a high-end consignment shop in the old Hallmark building, which sat empty for almost five years. Other new retailers include a doll shop, a teen clothing store and two art galleries.

Nothing for locals to see, move along.

Happy Hour In PG – Saturday July 9

Empty street

Moe Says Things Are Looking Up

How's That Styrofoam Ban Working Out?

Hints at what a plastic bag ban would accomplish.
Coast Weakly

In P.G., there hasn’t been much enforcement in the three years its polystyrene ban has been in effect. But the city recently sent a warning letter to its 56 restaurants, putting them on notice that the city is now taking a closer look.?

“We’ve not had a code enforcement officer until this year,” explains Environmental Programs Manager Sarah Hardgrave. “Now we have more resources for follow-up.”?

How’s That Styrofoam Ban Working Out?

How To Water The Golf Courses With Wastewater

Whatever it takes, I’m not for pumping sewage to the old reservoir on David Avenue.

water water water

Sarah Hardgrave, P.G.’s environmental programs manager, says other options include tapping MRWPCA wastewater and routing rainwater from the Forest Lake Reservoir – but extending existing pipelines could be cost-prohibitive. Another possibility: turning a Cal Am corporate yard on David Avenue into a reservoir.?

About 100-150 acre-feet could supply both the links and the cemetery, she adds: “We would want to maximize all the irrigated city properties that we could.”?

How To Water The Golf Courses With Wastewater