Pine Cone Gets Unfavorable Attention With Headline . . Again

Goes to show that nature does not care if you drive a hybrid or think that Global Warming Climate Change is important.

Pine Cone Prius Story

How else to explain the hysterical reaction to our front-page joke two weeks ago, “Tree smashes Prius on Highway 68 — but at least it wasn’t a Bentley”? The woman whose car was hit, her husband, people who listen to her radio show and even people who are just miscellaneous Prius owners reacted with the kind of obscenity-laden vitriol you’d expect them to reserve for something that actually mattered.

According to them, by printing that headline, and making light of the whole episode, we were acting insensitively, offensively, repugnantly, obnoxiously, reprehensibly, etc.,etc., etc.

Pine Cone Gets Unfavorable Attention With Headline . . Again

Look Who’s Talking

Cedar St Timeworn

Timeworn ran a letter from the Mayor regarding the pension issue, calling out John Moore. Then chooses not to run any response from Mr. Moore due to litigation.

(To John Moore)

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 11:45 AM, wrote:
Because the pension question is now being litigated, I have chosen not to run your letters or your advertisements.

So, since the Times itself is being sued, is it wise to buy ads or even take it serious?

Look Who’s Talking

Has Cedar Street Times Defaulted On It’s Takeover Of The Bulletin?

The Times is a free weekly paper that looks more like a community bulletin board with articles on art shows, editorial content written by businesses that place ads in the paper and very little news. It does soak up grease from fried foods very well though.

PGbull Header

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, former Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin owner Xavier Maruyama alleges that Cedar Street Times owner Marge Ann Jameson has failed to make monthly payments after agreeing to buy the Bulletin in August 2012 for $40,000.

In a contract Jameson signed last year, she agreed to pay monthly installments of $3,406.00 plus interest of 0.33 percent per month for purchase of the newspaper, according to court documents. But Maruyama, who with his wife, Edie McDonald, sold the Bulletin to Jameson, said Jameson has only made one payment.

Has Cedar Street Times Defaulted On It’s Takeover Of The Bulletin

Monterey Herald Cuts More Jobs, Selling Assets

Too bad it’s been left to disintegrate into this. Wonder if they could have used the hardware and location to support other print jobs.

A month of Hear-Old home delivery costs more than a DSL Internet line. If you need paper to soak up grease there is always the the Cedar Street Times.

Herald Hear-old

The Monterey County Herald announced Thursday it plans to sell its building at 8 Upper Ragsdale Drive in Monterey and move print operations to a Bay Area commercial printer.

“There is an industry-wide effort to relocate newspaper operations into facilities that better suit our needs, and this is part of our ongoing digital strategy,” said Herald Publisher Gary Omernick. “In 1988, The Herald moved operations from downtown Monterey to Ryan Ranch in Monterey. Our industry has changed since then and now we find ourselves in an oversized facility.”

Take Another Count, P.G. Bulletin

PG Bull

Rosy article in the Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin says there’s just one empty storefront on Lighthouse ave:
PG Bbull Reports

What? I counted four three empty businesses this morning:

The Hart Mansion – former restaurant (take this off the list since it’s a private residence for now)Hart Mansion

The Wachovia Bank – good location for a restaurant with outdoor tables.Wachovia

Primo – another former restaurantprimo for sale

Hallmark – vacant for about 50 years it seems.
Hallmark 2010

Conclusion, I’m thankful for the free paper that is mailed to my home. I use it for a kitty litter pan liner.

Take Another Count, P.G. Bulletin

Future Of News?

Much easier to read than on a heavy laptop and does not get ink on your fingers. No need to clip articles with the online archive of past issues.

From the weekly email announcing the Pine Cone’s highlights:

If you’re picking up a new iPad this weekend, be sure to check out the pdf edition of the Pine Cone on it. We think you’ll be impressed.

Carmel Pine Cone downloading on iPad.

Pine Cone Page On Ipad

I tried to copy the .pdf to the thing both with iTunes and a file app, no luck there. After the .pdf is downloaded it displays real nice. iPad makes a very good .pdf reader.
Pine Cone PDF On Ipad

Future Of News?

Newspaper Racks Chain Themselves To Pole In Protest

The runaway racks chased away from the front of the post office back in April have been spotted gathering in the parking lot on Forest Avenue by the Grove Market.

The rusty or sun-faded dispensers of that obsolete media called newspapers and other pulp goods of dubious value are taking a stand this time. They have chained themselves up to signposts and trees in the traditions of UCSC and UC Berzerkley.News Rack Chained

Another New Ghetto News Rack

The flock of rusty or warped plastic pulp dispensers in front of the post office was replaced back on the 24th of April.

Check out that wrong color post. Accepting such errors is the first step to the ghetto look.
News Rack Post Office wrong Post

And it didn’t take but a few days before Coast Weakly defaced the side with a big red advertising sticker. Ghetto transformation well advanced . .
News Rack Post Office Weakly

Another New Ghetto Newsrack