Broken Brokaw Hall Saga – Demolition Is Final Answer

Cost to repair, half a million. Cost to demolish, $35,000

“It’s a historic structure,” said Esther Trosow, with the Conservancy. “It’s on the list of historic structures and they let it fall into a state of decay. If any private citizen did that, according to the historic preservation rules, they would have to be in injunctive relief, which means they would have to fix it. And the city has just decided that they don’t need to do that. They’re thumbing their nose at their own laws.”

Brokaw Hall Sign

Cedar Street Times is reporting that the building’s historical plaque has been removed and presumed stolen.

Broken Browkaw Hall Saga – Demolition Is Final Answer

3 thoughts on “Broken Brokaw Hall Saga – Demolition Is Final Answer

  1. I’m glad they are tearing it down, it’s the first sane thing the PG council has done in a long time.

    Ken Hinshaw’s suggestion to store the chimney stones of Brokaw Hall for later use is the kind of nonsense you can expect from the fascist junta (Heritage Society of Pacific Grove) who run around town (none of them actually work) making claims on what is “historical”. They’re out of their minds and it shows!

    Doesn’t The Cedar Street Times call for a SWAT team to liberate the missing plaque sound fascist to you? I know they’re amateurs pretending to be journalists but PLEASE!

    If the plaque is missing, replace it, they put them on every POS in town.

  2. Can’t replace it–the building is gone. Your logic is faulty, though you are so right about CST. The SWAT comment suggests they know where it is . . .

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