Garcia Losing My Respect

Protesting at Asilomar.
Asilomar Union Picket

Pacific Grove City Council member Ken Cuneo stood with the protestors on May 12 and held a sign, as did Mayor Carmelita Garcia. “I hope Aramark comes around,” Garcia said later. “It’s terrible to think people can exist for five years with no wage increase.”

Five years and no wage increase for the workers? If that’s what Local 483 negotiates for it’s members, see what wage increases the Local’s Secretary-Treasurer gets in five years- $15,652 from 2005 to 2009. The workers need to be protesting on the corner of Forest & Gibson, not at Asilomar.

483 Secretary Wages

The membership keeps dropping but the Union’s management gets raises. Who is left to pay those ever increasing union rep salaries?


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Garcia Losing My Respect