P.G. Police Chief’s WFH Reason REVEALED

It’s been months since chief Madelone has been in the station. Plus is the Forest Hill Safeway store being turned into housing? And raccoons.

Check out the latest “What’s The Plan” podcast, it makes that long commute from Marina to Pacific Grove go by faster.


P.G. Police Chief’s WFH Reason REVEALED


P.G. Police Chief Pulling Duty From Home

At least her Monterey home is closer than the ex-City Manager’s. PG PD Pride Flag

Earlier this month, Madalone again said she was working from home. And this week, in response to questions about the date she began working remotely, the nature of her injury and when she expected to return to work, she said the answers would reveal “confidential medical and personnel information.”

P.G. Police Chief Pulling Duty From Home

Signs Posted For Visitors

Visitors like Ben Harvey and police chief Cathy Madalone now can better understand where they are in the city they are in charge of.

Got two signs at the rec trail (where the chief said there were none)
Welcome Trail Signs

This huge Lovers Point sign at the beach.

Another smaller sign at Otter Point

Then it gets weird. Over at Point Pinos it says Asilomar

One turnout is named Crespi Pond
Crespi Pond Sign

Then in a weirder twist, a turn out named after a non existent fog horn.
Foghorn Sign

Signs Posted For Visitors

Bike Control In P.G.

Police chief needs to get out and look at what she’s talking about. Here’s two signs telling you where Monterey ends and Pacific Grove begins. What kind of crock it this?Welcome Trail Signs

Beginning next month anyone peddling a pedicab along the Monterey portion of the Recreation Trail will need to start braking along about the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The rickshaw-like bicycles, permitted on Monterey’s portion of the trail, are now banned in Pacific Grove.

Complicating matters is that although most locals know where Monterey ends and Pacific Grove begins, there is no city limits signage, making it a challenge for visitors.

Pacific Grove Police Chief Cathy Madalone said Monday the city is in the process of making signage that will welcome Rec Trail visitors to the city.

Bike Control In P.G.

New Jersey Police Chief Hired As P.G. Chief

Also, rainbow pride flags fly at police station,
PG PD Pride Flag

Madalone took a moment to say she was “feeling good” and that the moment was “bittersweet,” before she continued with the hugs.

Among the crowd was Madalone’s wife of two years, Pam Dino.

“It is my first walkout and very emotional,” Dino said. “For her, it is 25 years serving here, really half her life, with these wonderful people, so it is emotional and bittersweet.”

New Jersey Police Chief Hired As P.G. Chief