Silenced Foghorn Sits Derelict In P.G.

PG foghorn

The long-silent foghorn at Point Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove has become a coastal eyesore.

The structure consists of a concave wall on the landward side of Ocean View Boulevard near Asilomar Avenue and once was used as a sound reflector to bounce the foghorn’s deep notes out to sea during the decades of its operation.

The Coast Guard, which operated the lighthouse and foghorn, no longer depends on such things as navigational aides because global positioning devices and radar have made them obsolete.

Now the foghorn sound wall serves as a perch for seagulls and pelicans, who leave evidence of their visits behind.

My guess is it will be torn down, as the property (along with the lighthouse) has been handed over to the city. I remember being parked in a turnout with a young lady (we were watching the submarine races) and being blasted by the two blast wail. Here’s an impression of the sound – best I could find

.Silenced Foghorn Sits Derelict In P.G.

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