Monterey Accused Of Violating HIPAA Rules In Raid

If HIPAA rules do not apply to marijuana sellers, how can it be legally called a medicinal drug?

“He opens up a HIPPA labeled file,” says Jhonrico Carrnshimba, a MyCaregiver director. “He sees a number of files in it at this point they should close the file. They shouldn’t have these files open.”

But, Fred Cohn from the City of Monterey defends their actions.

“Medical marijuana establishments are not governed by HIPAA,” says Cohn. “The only reason that those records were compromised is because they continued to operate illegally against the court order.”

Monterey Accused Of Violating HIPAA Rules In Raid

2 thoughts on “Monterey Accused Of Violating HIPAA Rules In Raid

  1. It’s so interesting that this place opened without a permit, lied about what they were doing, violated order to close,etc,- and now wants to assert a HIPPA violation. WTF. The people operating this business obviously have tried everything to stay open, when is the Monterey PD going to raid them and shut them down? Maybe that will get attorney Rosen to show up.

  2. To mean Joe .you do not need a lience to open up a co-op and they did not lie on the paperwork and hippa paperwork was photographed witch in return is a big no no get the correct facts instead of just benign a cow in a slaughter line think for your self.. Can you do that? Mooooooo.

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