Seaside Woman Drives Into Insurance Office

And the office does not have a drive-through option.

A woman driving a Subaru SUV crashed straight through the front wall of a Pacific Grove insurance office Wednesday afternoon but miraculously managed to avoid killing or seriously injuring anyone.

At about 1:30 p.m., Galina Griffiths of Seaside was heading West on Lighthouse Avenue when she attempted to park her Subaru Forester in a diagonal parking space in front of the Tom McKinney State Farm Insurance office at 716 Lighthouse Ave.

It’s not clear what caused the Subaru to travel into the office, but Figueroa said some drivers use their left foot to brake while using their right foot to control the accelerator.

Seaside Woman Drives Into Insurance Office

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  1. Told the cop she didn’t remember what happened. That’s a stupid thing to say to a cop, but anyway, I thought it was funny.

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