Did Climate Change Get Ashley Lauren Paulsworth Arrested?

Maybe it was just fog.

Police log, August 15, 2021. Domestic abuse and child cruelty according to Monterey Police.

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Ashley Lauren Paulsworth Arrest

Booked at 2032, released at 0405 $20,000 bail.



She’s the “Substainability Program Manager” for Monterey County.

Ashley Lauren Paulsworth Report

Did Climate Change Get Ashley Lauren Paulsworth Arrested

P.G. Man Assaults Woman In Hotel

A muffin was involved.

A jury found David Michael Burge, 30, a resident of Pacific Grove, guilty of four felony charges, including inflicting corporal injury on a person with whom he had a dating relationship, two counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, and communicating a criminal threat.
On Oct. 5, 2020, Jane Doe and Burge, her ex-boyfriend, were staying at a local inn when he became angry because she refused to warm up a frozen blueberry muffin for him.  In response, he smashed the muffin into her face and punched her in the face with a closed fist. When she called her mother after the incident, Burge told her that if she  called the police, he would kill her. Her mother overheard this threat. Burge made a second threat that he would get out of jail, come back, and kill her.

P.G. Man Assaults Woman In Hotel

Prison For Hammer Swinging Man

Aaron Peter Thomas got 2 years and 8 months.
Aaron Peter Thomas

Officials say on December 7, 2017, Jane Doe arrived home to find Thomas highly intoxicated and sitting on the couch with a hammer. He was annoyed at their upstairs neighbors for being too loud, and told Doe he felt like “murdering them.”

When Doe tried to calm him down, Thomas stepped on her feet and threatened to “smash” her. He then threatened to strangle and kill their cat if it came out from under the bed. Doe, terrified, tried to leave, but Thomas took her phone, shoved her down on their bed, forbid her from leaving, and then began swinging the hammer around her head as he continued to threaten to “smash her” with it.

Prison For Hammer Swinging Man

Sunny Nguyen To Stand Trial For P.G. Murder

Suspect had no pulse and was revived.

Too bad

He went to one bedroom and found it untouched. Then he tried to open a second bedroom’s door. It was blocked. He forced it open and saw a large television had been pushed against it. Inside was mayhem.

Nguyen’s body was draped facedown over the television.

Salazar’s body was on the other side of the room. Both bodies were in pools of blood and Haas could detect pulses in neither. Paramedics revived Nguyen, who was taken to San Jose Regional Medical Center.

Sunny Nguyen To Stand Trial For P.G. Murder

DLI Teacher Accused Of Domestic Violence Denies All Accusations

Then says he is bipolar. Great article.

Atef Samir Gergawy, 38, was taken into custody by Pacific Grove police officers April 29 on allegations he tried to rape his wife — whom police refer to as Jane Doe — and injured his son earlier in April.
“I never did that,” he said.
“That never happened,” said Gergawy.
“I never did that,”
..”How can I hit my kids?”
the teacher said he never intentionally hit anyone
Gergawy also said he is bipolar

DLI Teacher Accused Of Domestic Violence Denies All Accusations

So Called “Drunken Rampage” Made Up

Accused man tells his side.

Jay Ballard

The incident started, Ballard said, after he went to his girlfriend’s house after work. He said she became irate after finding an empty liquor bottle in her garage and accused of him of drinking. Ballard, who said he has had previous problems with alcohol, said he hadn’t had a drop to drink that day.

“She flipped out on me,” he said. “It escalated after that.” Ballard said the 40-year-old woman — whose identity is protected because she’s considered a victim of domestic violence — has a history of mental illness, which he said was the driving force behind her story to police.

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So Called “Drunken Brawl” Made Up

“Drunken Rampage” Leads To Arrest In P.G.

Jay Ballard

Police booked Jay Ballard, 39, into Monterey County Jail on $66,000 bail for felony second degree robbery and making terrorist threats, and misdemeanor spousal battery, willful cruelty to a child and probation violation.

“It was a drunken rampage,” Miller said. Records indicate Ballard has an extensive history with Monterey County Superior Court, including felony, misdemeanor, traffic and family law cases.

“Drunken Rampage” Leads To Arrest In P.G.

A Million Dollar Bail Set In P.G. Man’s Domestic Violence Case

Instant idiot, jut add alcohol.

A judge increased a former Pacific Grove man’s bail to $1 million Friday, saying he was “just waiting to kill” his ex-girlfriend.

The woman, who previously was reluctant to testify, told the court that in October, a drunken Michael Dooley became enraged that her 11-year-old daughter left food on the kitchen counter. He punished the girl by ripping apart her pet hermit crab in her presence, pointed a gun at her mother’s face and threatened to kill them, their dog and himself if the woman tried to leave.

“You’re a danger,” Judge Russell Scott told the 47-year-old man at the conclusion of his preliminary hearing. “You’re just waiting to kill her and you don’t have control when you drink.”

A Million Dollar Bail Set In P.G. Man’s Domestic Violence Case

Cyberthreats Against P.G. Resident

Suspect was outed by Sprint.

A 19-year-old Southern California man — and former CSUMB student — is being held by Burbank police after threatening a Pacific Grove resident and trying to kill a man who served him with a restraining order, according to PGPD Cmdr. John Nyunt.

Through an online service that speaks written words aloud, Samuel Thorne told Epstein, “I’m coming for you. Sleep with one eye open, because you can not run. You can not hide,”
and, “You’re going to get what you deserve, if it is the last thing I do,” according to police.

Cyberthreats Against P.G. Resident

P.G. Man Arrested For Beating Woman & Tried To Force Her To Drink Beer

Instant idiot, just add alcohol.

Police arrived at a residence on 19th Street in Pacific Grove late Feb. 20 to find a woman “outside crying hysterically,” with blood on her chin and shirt, P.G. Police Cmdr. John Nyunt said Tuesday. The woman had called police, telling them her 29-year-old boyfriend, Andrew Scheiber, who is also he father of her child, had beaten her.

They had been drinking, and the fight stemmed from an argument they had about a family member while preparing for dinner, according to Nyunt. In addition, “he allegedly tried to force her to drink some beer,” he said. “She didn’t want to drink it, so he was forcing it down her throat.”

Man Arrested For Beating Woman & Tried To Force Her To Drink Beer