Sex Offenders Can Ask For Your ID In P.G.

So, who is Miller referring to in that last sentence?

Five of seven council members, though, said the ordinance had too many bugs, including that it placed too much burden on employers and was not easily enforceable.

“I see that we want to protect individuals … it’s our obligation,” councilman Ken Cuneo said at the meeting. “I don’t know if by adding another layer of law it will make anybody safer in doing so.”

However, Miller told The Pine Cone this week that he and Garcia, both of whom voted for the ordinance last week, haven’t given up on it yet.

Miller told the council why he and Garcia drew up the ordinance, which he said would help officials “protect people who can’t protect themselves.”

“The reason this came up is for years there was somebody in town,” Miller explained, “who I knew factually would ask for identification for purchase of alcohol … and show up at their houses after taking their addresses from their driver’s license.”

Sex Offenders Can Ask For Your ID In PG