Seal Posse: Keeping The Food Chain Going Is Important

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Those winds created a rough ocean which kept kayakers and paddleboards out of the water. The minimized crowds on the water meant less disturbance to seal moms during pupping season. That is a very important factor in the survival of seal pups.

“When you interfere with the mom and the pup you frequently just kill the pup,” Akeman said.

Kim Akeman, Monterey Bay Sanctuary Shoreline docent added, “disturbances you may not see the effect right away. But a disturbance on wildlife can have an effect even months down the line.”

Seal Posse: Keeping The Food Chain Going Is Important

Pollution Advisory For Beaches. Again.

Seal posse Thom Ache-man’s bacteria pollutes beaches

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The Monterey County Health Department has issued a Beach Advisory for Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove and Monterey Municipal Beach

There are various sources of bacteria such as marine life (i.e. seals, otters, and birds) and other animals; rainfall runoff; storm drains; and human activity. Rainfall is associated with increased bacterial levels due to runoff particularly in the area of man-made and natural storm drains such as culverts, streams and rivers.

Pollution Advisory For Beaches