Invest Now In Ocean Front Property On Pine Street

Global warming will affect tourism in a million years. Or is it the tourists gaining weight on fried foods sinking the land mass?

Tens of millions of Californians live in coastal counties, and the population in these areas is slowly growing. But at the same time, federal ocean-related expenditures have steadily declined by 8 percent, while the state continues to endure a historic drought and the early effects of climate change.

“The coast is where climate change impacts are among the highest,” said Kildow.

A lot of Monterey Bay’s ocean economy lies at or near the shore, which could be vulnerable to erosion, said Charles Colgan, an economist and co-author of the report.

“Much of Cannery Row sits on top of an erodible shoreline, for example,” he said. “Rising sea level is something that people are going to have to pay attention to.”

And our own esteemed Sam The Sham wants more of our tax dollars to “help”.

“This report is the first time people have been able to put solid economic numbers on these environmental and marine issues,” said Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel. As the founder and chair of the House Oceans Caucus, Farr seeks to draw attention to and secure limited federal funding for ocean-related programs.

Invest Now In Ocean Front Property On Pine Street

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress

Good luck, you will need it running against Sam the sham, even when you support same sex marriage and abortions.


In a YouTube clip announcing her run, Lucius said voters who are concerned about jobs, water, the environment and national security should support her so “we can create a new beginning.”

In the “Issues” section of her website,, she said she supports gay marriage, is concerned about climate change but wants to limit global spending, supports the Second Amendment and abortion rights in the first six months of a pregnancy.

“On the Central Coast, we have a gang problem, not a gun problem,” her website states.

Casey Lucius Runs For Congress

Future Of The Presidio Looks Like The Rest Of Our Military Bases

The Presidio in it’s pre-World War II state
presidio pre-wwII

Cuts are most likely coming to the Presidio of Monterey but no one knows how deep they will be. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday announced a plan to cut the Army to its pre-World War II size. He also called for a new round of base closings in 2017.

Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, had yet to release a statement as of Monday night. Several Republicans in Congress spoke out about what they felt were flaws in the plan.

Life was better before Sam the Sham. But what can you do? I thought that the entire military structure should have moved to Fort Ord and put the college at DLI.

Future Of The Presidio Looks Like The Rest Of Our Military Bases

Another Spinach Recall

I thought Sam the Sham Farr was busy spending our tax dollars to keep Salinas valley produce safe and clean?

Fresh Express announced a precautionary recall of nearly 3,000 cases of bagged spinach that may be contaminated with salmonella, according to a report released by the produce company on Tuesday.

Salinas-based Fresh Express voluntarily recalled 2,939 cases of 9-ounce spinach bags because of a positive result for salmonella from random sample testing.

Another Spinach Recall

Sam Farr & Our Military Bases

What? Sam The Sham would do all he could to eliminate the armed services from his district so he can come up with more reuse committees.

A bipartisan congressional caucus focusing on civilian neighbors of military installations is being formed with Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, and Kansas Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins as co-chairmen.

Farr credited creation of the House Defense Communities Caucus to Monterey City Manager Fred Meurer and Fort Ord Reuse Authority Executive Officer Michael Houlemard’s work on dealing with Fort Ord’s closure in 1993 and the subsequent forging of agreements between the remaining military posts and the city of Monterey for municipal services.

California Produce Still Tainted

Today’s non-shopping list item: Green Onions (some people call them scallions, Joe)

A Steinbeck spokesman says the company bought the onions from Circle Produce, a Calexico-based company supplied by an onion farm in Mexicali, Mexico.

Castroville-based shipper Ocean Mist Farms recalled 1,746 cases of its green onions as well, after realizing they came from the same lot. No illnesses have been reported.,

What did our career congressman Sam The Sham Farr do with the millions of tax dollars he got to stop getting poo in spinach or iceberg lettuce?

Sam The Sam Farr

California Produce Still Tainted

California Produce Still Tainted with E. coli

This time it’s iceberg lettuce.

An E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in tainted iceberg lettuce that sickened 36 people in Michigan last month has been traced back to California growers.

The outbreak, involving bagged, industrial-sized packages of iceberg lettuce sold through wholesale venues to restaurants and institutions, sickened students at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, and inmates at Lenawee County Jail before spreading to metro Detroit.

Bob Perkins, executive director of the Monterey County Farm Bureau, said September is peak season for Salinas Valley lettuce growers.

“That’s when our growers are very busy,” said Perkins. “If it’s California bagged lettuce, there’s a real probability that it will be tied to our area, or to somebody that we know.”

What did our career congressman Sam The Sham Farr do with the millions of tax dollars he got when it was spinach?
Sam The Sam Farr

California Produce Still Tainted with E. coli

No Link Between Light Brown Apple Moth Spraying and Reported Illnesses

And Sam “the sham’ Farr has showed some rare gonads and came out against the spraying. Weird, I’ve always thought Farr was in the AgBiz’s back pocket.

Doctors and scientists from the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, the California Department of Public Health and the state Department of Pesticide Regulation examined the illness complaints that followed aerial spraying of a pheromone product in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties last year and described their findings in today’s report.
As the LBAM program continues, the state will monitor the safety of any future spraying.


No Link Between Light Brown Apple Moth Spraying and Reported Illnesses

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Check Your Purses! Sam Farr Is Reaching For Your Money

. . again. This time to lure just what we need, more tourists.

Sam The Sam Farr

U.S. Reps. Sam Farr (D-Carmel) and Jon Porter (R-Nevada), introduced a bill Wednesday to lure more visitors to the United States.

The “Improving Public Diplomacy through International Travel Act” calls upon the secretary of state to enhance diplomatic relations with foreign countries and to advance domestic business interests abroad by establishing a competitive grant program with a budget of $50 million in matching funds over the next five years.

. . individual grants would range from $150,000 to $1 million, with participants required to come up with matching funds and develop international travel programs focused on the country’s top five overseas markets, beginning with Canada the first year and adding Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan and Germany in subsequent years.

Check Your Purses! Sam Farr Is Reaching For Your Money