California Produce Still Tainted with E. coli

This time it’s iceberg lettuce.

An E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in tainted iceberg lettuce that sickened 36 people in Michigan last month has been traced back to California growers.

The outbreak, involving bagged, industrial-sized packages of iceberg lettuce sold through wholesale venues to restaurants and institutions, sickened students at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, and inmates at Lenawee County Jail before spreading to metro Detroit.

Bob Perkins, executive director of the Monterey County Farm Bureau, said September is peak season for Salinas Valley lettuce growers.

“That’s when our growers are very busy,” said Perkins. “If it’s California bagged lettuce, there’s a real probability that it will be tied to our area, or to somebody that we know.”

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California Produce Still Tainted with E. coli

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  1. I forgot about this recall and just had a tostada from a roach coach.

    Not feeling good at all right now.

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