Election 2008 – Eight Candidates For Council

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. . seeking three seats being vacated by incumbents Scott Miller, Dan Davis and Susan Nilmeier:

Former Councilwoman Susan Goldbeck, and newcomers Richard Ahart, Ken Cunio, David Dilworth, Carmelita Garcia, Bill Kampe, Deborah Lindsay and Dan Miller.

Pacific Grove voters will vote on two ballot measures: Measure X, calling for a $35 parcel tax for the next five years for the Pacific Grove Unified School District;

Can’t say that I’d support another school tax. That $6,000,000 stadium at PGHS and $1,700,000 district offices tells me that there is plenty enough money going to the school district.

Election 2008 – Eight Candidates For Council

Election 2008

Vote Machine
Davis had served his time, but was re-appointed when Dan Cort was appointed as Mayor. Nilmeier – that was a short term, after a fuss about her questioning her residency. Above all, Say No To Goldbeck

Two of the three incumbents whose terms are expiring– Susan Nilmeier and Daniel Davis – say they will not run for re-election in November. The third incumbent, Scott Miller, says he hasn’t decided yet. Last week, we reported that former councilwoman Susan Goldbeck will bid for a fresh stint on the council. Two other P.G. gadflies, Carmelita Garcia and Bill Kampe

Election 2008

Cort Stays On As Mayor – Goldbeck, Schenk Ousted

Incumbent Dan Cort will continue as the city’s mayor after receiving after defeating City Councilwoman Susan Goldbeck and Pacific Grove Hometown Bulletin Publisher Lee Yarborough with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

Was not even a close race for mayor.
DAN CORT 2,627 59.88%

Newly elected council members are Alan Cohen and Vicki Stillwell. Lisa Bennett and Dan Davis return.

Gone are Ron Schenk and Susan Goldbeck.

Cort Stays On As Mayor – Goldbeck and Schenk ousted.