Smart Meters True Purpose – Controlling What You Plug In

To all the alarmed people that only complained about EMF radiating from the PG$E meter, how do you feel about the REAL threat of so called ‘Smart Meters’ now?

Plans to control the energy use of appliances in British homes have been criticised for being ‘Big Brother’-esque.

The National Grid wants to be able to switch off new appliances such as fridges and freezers remotely via sensors, to avoid power cuts if there is too much demand for the country’s electricity supplies.

The technology has been backed by the EU’s European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E).

Over the weekend Viktor Sundberg, energy strategy manager of appliance manufacturer Electrolux complained to several European news outlets that this is “Big Brother technology on a grand scale.”

Smart Meters True Purpose – Controlling What You Plug In

Smart Meter’s True Goal

Charge your more $$ when you use energy the most.

The first goal of the smart meter program is to reduce overall energy usage. “Tiered pricing,” currently in effect, means you are charged more per unit of electricity or gas if your household uses more than its monthly allotment. Under current rules, there’s no financial benefit for using power in the middle of the night instead of the middle of the day.

But before too long, you’ll be charged a much higher price for a kilowatt hour at noon than one at midnight. And that means you’ll want to lop off the tops of the bars on your energy usage charts at peak times of day, and move them to the evening — by doing laundry or washing dishes after 8 p.m., for example, or on the weekend.

“If peak demand could be reduced a mere 5 percent, the national savings on power plant construction, energy and transmission costs would amount to $3 billion per year,” Marshall said.

Smart Meter’s True Goal

Smart Meters, Like ‘Em Or Not It’s Gonna Happen

Wonder if they work during the frequent power outages?

The Mayor and Dan Miller wanted an ordinance drawn up, but the rest of the council disagreed. Remember who is on PG&E’s side . . .

City Hall was filled with people who came, many from out of town, to speak against the meters on grounds that they emit harmful radiation and violate privacy by collecting data that won’t be secure and can be used to monitor people’s daily lives.

Software engineer Tim Wilson of Monterey said the meters “seem to have privacy and control issues” along with wireless radiation issues, which critics contend can cause genetic damage or increase cancer rates.

“It’s a big money maker for them,” said Bob Franco of Pacific Grove. “PG&E can find out everything we do electronically” and garner information about individuals’ buying habits, the kind of appliances they own, and when they come and go, he said.

Smart Meters, Like ‘Em Or Not It’s Gonna Happen

Cops Called To Council Meeting

Resistance if futile, your privacy will be invaded.

Pacific Grove Police were called out to Wednesday’s city council meeting, expecting a riot about SmartMeters. The police presence caught many people off guard in the quiet town.

“I was surprised,” says Jerry Norton. “It seems to represent a different kind of attitude.”

Norton lives in Pacific Grove.He’s talking about the two armed police officers. One guarded the front door, the other was inside the packed council meeting.

Cops Called To Council Meeting

Cal Am Bills P.G. Couple $2000 For One Month’s Water

Smart Meters run amok? Cal Am denies any error, get used to it.

Parise brought in two plumbers, both from different companies to inspect his home for leaks, but they didn’t find anything. Now Parise thinks Cal Am’s new electronic meter, a meter the company recently installed this year, is to blame.

“The only thing that’s changed is this new electronic meters that they put in. I find it even hard to believe that common sense would tell you that our water usage has gone up that much and then magically it’s gone back to normal usage without us doing anything differently,” said Parise.

Cal Am Bill P.G. Couple $2000 For One Month’s Water

Smart Meter Backlash – For All The Wrong Reasons

You’d think the protests would be about loss of privacy, grossly inaccurate readings or detecting that one has an indoor pot garden (this is an article from Santa Cruz), but no. People are imagining ill effects of the RF energy by them. Is it same people that became ill when moth spraying was scheduled, but didn’t happen?

Joshua Hart said he was protesting PG&E’s smart meters after researching the amount of radiation that comes from the devices.

“It’s significantly higher than cell phones. (In) brief periods of time, you have short spikes of intense electromagnetic radiation,” Hart said. PG&E started installing the smart meters in Santa Cruz County in July.

Marilyn Garret said she has a smart meter at her Aptos home.

“It makes me feel quite ill,” Garret said. “My tremors increase and (I have) very painful headaches.”

Smart Meter Backlash – For All The Wrong Reasons