Smart Meters, Like ‘Em Or Not It’s Gonna Happen

Wonder if they work during the frequent power outages?

The Mayor and Dan Miller wanted an ordinance drawn up, but the rest of the council disagreed. Remember who is on PG&E’s side . . .

City Hall was filled with people who came, many from out of town, to speak against the meters on grounds that they emit harmful radiation and violate privacy by collecting data that won’t be secure and can be used to monitor people’s daily lives.

Software engineer Tim Wilson of Monterey said the meters “seem to have privacy and control issues” along with wireless radiation issues, which critics contend can cause genetic damage or increase cancer rates.

“It’s a big money maker for them,” said Bob Franco of Pacific Grove. “PG&E can find out everything we do electronically” and garner information about individuals’ buying habits, the kind of appliances they own, and when they come and go, he said.

Smart Meters, Like ‘Em Or Not It’s Gonna Happen